Morning question

Eight of the top ten teams in both polls are from two conferences.  Does that say more about the SEC and Big XII, or about the rest of the major college conferences?

Personally, I don’t see Alabama or Texas Tech as a top ten team, but what do I know…



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4 responses to “Morning question

  1. Umich

    My ideal outcome of this season is to play a big 12 team in a bcs bowl. Texas vs. UGA in the sugar would be the best thing ever.


  2. I think Bama and TT are in there by default as right now there aren’t ten teams playing top ten ball.


  3. Umich,
    If UGA plays Texas in the Sugar, it will not be for the national title. The BCS Championship Game will be in the Orange Bowl. So, I hope you would prefer to see this matchup in the South Florida Sunshine.



  4. I really think a lot of it has to do with the pathetic state of the other conferences this year – at least given current results. The Pac-10 and Big Ten are just awful this year. You can easily say the same for the Big East and ACC this year.

    Really, would you pick Oregon to beat Alabama next week? I sure as hell wouldn’t.