What’ll Britney be doing with her life this year?

Be forewarned, Mike Patrick fans:  the Alabama game will be on ESPN, starting at 7:45 PM.



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  1. Joe

    What else could even be gameday that weekend?


  2. I’ll go out on a limb and say it- I still love that line by Patrick. I’m probably way overthinking this, but I still believe Patrick was being meta with the comment…as in, the fans were so tightly wound, the two teams were so gassed, that merely saying that the game was a barnburner wouldn’t have done it justice. So Patrick puts forth some dumb tabloid headline in comparison just so we could catch our collective breath.

    And FWIW, whenever we’ve been in a tight game sense, inevitably some Dawg fan in my posse will drop the Britney line just so we can have a moment of ease.

    I’d rather have Patrick pull a number like that on us than here some FOX android repeat “can you believe it?” a hundred times.


  3. Tight game since. Ugh.


  4. UgaMatt

    We would certainly look like the place for GameDay, but I honestly could care less if they never came back. 10 years of Fowler bitching about Athens and it’s going to be ugly if they come back. They thought it was bad in 98, with the “ESPN hates us” mindset we’ve developed, we’d embarrass ourselves on national TV. At any rate, if Tenn was to shock Fl(not going to happen, but if we’re being hypothetical), and Auburn were to beat LSU(again, bare with me), I could see them passing us up for AU-UT. Also, Texas and Arkansas was rescheduled for that day, so if Arkansas were to beat Alabama, they might opt for an old SWC reunion lovefest. And then of course, there’s no telling who Amherst or Williams is playing that weekend. Man, they missed out last year…


  5. SCDawg

    Agree with DN nation on that one. It didn’t come across as well as he wanted it to and Blackledge didn’t get it–at all–but he was trying to say how tense everything was at that moment. None of us cared about Brittney and neither did he.

    Neither one of them is a great announcer, but I’ll take either one over anybody from the FOX network. They’re idiots and their coverage is awful. Oooh, the same view of the band again. You sure get the college spirit thing, FOX!!

    Plus, I’ll be at this one, so who cares.


  6. Joe

    Gonna have to disagree about the Britney comment. At that instant, I completely “got” the fact that he was saying something completely bizarre and out of context to show how insanely intense everything was-and still thought it was utterly retarded.


  7. squarebush

    As for Gameday, I don’t see them giving TX/AR a sniff if for no other reason than the hogs suck.

    The only game I would see them going to other than UGA/Bama would be Illinois/Penn State.

    FWIW, remember what Herbstreit said in this year’s “Herbies”:

    “Sites “GameDay” Must Get To (I’m not quitting until we visit)

    1. Georgia: Enough is enough. Can we please get to Athens? We haven’t been there since 1998. That’s WAY too long.”


  8. Apparently y’all missed where I posted last week and said the peeps I know at 960 The Ref had been in touch with ESPN and they were going to make our game the Gameday game as long as both teams went in undefeated.


  9. squarebush

    Maybe Patrick will bring Jamie Lynn into the discussion this year.

    And where will Blackledge feature as his taste of the town or whatever he calls it? I think this will be the first time he has been in Athens with ESPN since his lone 2006 appearance for the UT game. I would figure some place like Loco’s, Bling Pig, or Allen’s.


  10. Too bad the Swamp Guinea still isn’t open. Blackledge wouldn’t have made it out of there standing.


  11. Todd Blackledge

    Hey everybody,

    I’m Todd Blackledge and I’m enjoying the authentic and original food at Chili’s here in beautiful Athens, Ga. Its a true Georgia original just like the Dawgs. At first, I thought about visiting local landmarks like The Grill or Allen’s. Then I realized, I work for ESPN. We do everything half-assed when it comes to Georgia athletics. Whether it be ignoring the super human acts of Heisman candidates or extolling the virtues of Fresno State outfielders with severed thumbs in the College World Series, when it comes to UGA, we’re going to find a way to screw the Dawgs. So here I am enjoying this delicious Buffalo Chicken Fajita. MMMMMMM….MMMMMMM.

    [/anti-ESPN rant]

    P.S. I’m trying to move past this kind of stuff and be a better person. It’s not working out so well.



  12. Robert

    …Don’t forget Zaxby’s.


  13. Hobnail_Boot

    Weaver D’s, that was easy.


  14. squarebush

    Food for the Soul (on W Broad across from Red Lobster) puts over priced Weaver D’s in its place.

    All you can eat buffet, a drink, and a desert for $9.10…total! The food is excellent. The tea syrupy. The seating limited. It’s awesome!

    Makes me say “Weaver who?”


  15. CLTDawg

    too bad Herbie’s burned down years ago. I’d love to see him cooking his own food while get yelled at by that maniac.


  16. Wolfman

    Always worth the trip to Zeb’s.

    And I miss Ron Franklin. Why’d they push him out anyway? Mike Patrick is the best tv guy for ACC basketball, and I don’t hate listening to him do football, but I sure do miss Uncle Ron.


  17. Blackledge should go to Barcode.


  18. squarebush


    On October 1, 2005, in a game that Ron Franklin was calling along with Bob Davie, sideline reporter Holly Rowe lauded Purdue defensive coordinator Brock Spack for using all three timeouts on defense despite trailing by four touchdowns late in the game. “If the coaches are giving up,” Rowe added, “what does that say to the players?” Franklin responded: “Holly, it’s not giving up. It’s 49-21, sweetheart.”

    In response to that, Mo Davenport, senior coordinating producer for college football said, “It was an inappropriate comment, and we’ve communicated that to Ron. There’s never a reason to say something so mean-spirited. Ron apologized. We dealt with it internally.”

    Many believe this was the cause for Franklin’s demotion from the ESPN primetime game to the ESPN2 primetime game.


  19. Franklin’s the play by play guy on ABC’s #2 game.

    This week he’s calling Miami at Texas A&M Saturday afternoon.