Sticking to his guns

Scott Wolf, the Los Angeles Daily News beat writer covering Southern Cal, explains his week three vote in the AP for Georgia as #1.

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5 responses to “Sticking to his guns

  1. Chuck

    Couldn’t have said it much better myself. I’m not sure I’d put UGA at #1 on my poll, but I would not put USC there for the reasons he indicated.

    Virginia is probably a worse team than CMU. UConn beat Virginia about like USC did.

    Ohio State, minus Wells, looked inept against Ohio the week before. USC, of course, kills them and is now crowned as maybe the best USC team of this decade.

    USC is a very good team, but it’s absolutely ridiculous that there’s such consensus that they are the best team right now given how little is still known about all the teams hoping to contend for a national title. Would USC beat LSU tomorrow? Would they beat Oklahoma tomorrow? Would they beat Florida or Missouri tomorrow?

    I don’t know. But all the writers do!


  2. squarebush

    Very interesting to see the perspective of someone who lives in LA-LA land but is not automatically caught up in the USC star gazing.


  3. Hobnail_Boot

    I agree with his assessment.

    If you want to go based off of resumes, that’s fine, but at least be honest about it and put ECU #1, Kansas #2, etc.


  4. Hobnail_Boot

    ..and by Kansas, I mean USF. Long day.


  5. Robert

    I’m in agreement with everyone here.

    The Trojans did look very in sync…

    However, they did play an Ohio State team that lacked a dominant runner in Chris Wells, and had to rely on their receivers to make too many plays.

    They just aren’t balanced enough to overcome such a big loss.

    Ohio State’s defense looked questionable in the the game against Ohio. That problem was just magnified against Southern Cal.

    I’m not worried about Georgia in the polls.

    They will be in fine shape as long as they don’t lose badly.

    I’m just shaking my head at the “crowning” of USC this early by so many media members.

    Can they play more than two games? Jeez.