Troll, baby, troll.

Can we stop the stupidity right now?

If Georgia wins “unimpressively” at Arizona State and Florida wins at Tennessee, it’s conceivable that the Bulldogs will fall again in the AP rankings to fourth behind the Gators. (The teams are separated by only 23 points now.) And if the Dogs struggle but win at home in two weeks against Alabama and LSU is coming off a road win at Auburn and a lopsided victory over Mississippi State, might not the Tigers leapfrog a couple of teams? And if Missouri annihilates Nebraska and Oklahoma State … seriously, at what point does unbeaten Georgia drop out of the top 10?

“Seriously”, where does Jeff Schultz think an unbeaten Georgia would be ranked after the Auburn game?



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  1. AtlDawg

    People are putting way to much into are ranking. As CMR has continually said if we continue to take care of business it will work itself out in the end.


  2. dean

    See my comment on “Just Pundit, baby…” I’m not trolling I just fully expect us to drop behind UF next week, given we both win. I think there’s more national “love” for Tebow and co. than for the dawgs. And since ASU lost to UNLV they’ve lost some cred. Not that UT hasn’t after losing to UCLA but it’s still UT and it’s in Knoxville. Now I don’t know about LSU jumping us before we play. I think that may be a stretch.
    I’m not losing sleep over any of this because the polls are all in the eye of the beholder. I’m just sayin’.


  3. JDL


    Wasn’t Schultz’s tone more sarcastic than anything else? I thought he was making fun of the voters for their ridiculous logic in dropping undefeated teams … well, really only one undefeated team…UGA. I don’t think he was agreeing with it. Sort of took a “where-does-the-madness-end” approach. Maybe that’s just me though.


  4. HVL Dawg

    Perfect Season:

    #1. Win all the games against the SEC East
    #2. Win all the other SEC games
    #3. Wreck Tech
    #4. Win the SEC Championship Game
    #5. Collect the Heisman
    #6. Win the bowl game

    Screw the polls. What does the M in MNC stand for?


  5. JDL – I agree that Schultz was being sarcastic. It’s just that I don’t think the voters would ever let Georgia drop as far in the polls if it stayed undefeated as he argues they would.

    I wasn’t asking where he’d rank the Dawgs. I was asking where he thought the voters would.


  6. Seriously, if we don’t start playing better – particularly our useless secondary – we ain’t gonna be undefeated much longer.


  7. Thomas Brown

    Oh, yeah.

    Southern California’s schedule is much tougher than UGA’s so far and in the future. So far, they played Virginia who is ranked the Number 82 team in the BCS Rankings today and Ohio State for the 8th consecutive win by Southern California over the Big 10 (0.) But, The SEC has beat Ohio State 9 Consecutive Bowl Games including both of the last 2 BCS MNC Games. The remaining games for Southern California leave Southern California with the Number 62 Strength of Schedule cumulative for all known games and UGA with the No. 1 SoS all known games.

    South Carolina will end up ranked No. 19 at 9-4 behind Steve Spurrier. That’s a good team for certain. And, South Carolina is FAR BETTER than any opponent Southern California has remaining.

    Oklahoma has beat Chattanooga, Cincinnati and Washington who has not had a winning record any season 5 in row now and counting. Now, they play that powerful Texas Christian University of the mountain west, while UGA travels to face No. 24 in the USA Today Coaches’ Poll Arizona State.

    Oklahoma or Southern California look better than UGA ?

    Based on what ? Who they played ? Who they will play ? Who we played ? Who we will play ?

    The SEC is Far and Away the best football conference in America. I love all these posters who like to try to say that some other conference is – adjust your glasses now – right there almost as good as the 5 SEC Top 10 Teams today.

    Yeah, right.

    When you pin them down, they all say that Southern California would not go undefeated against The SEC, nor would Oklahoma. But, they are great because they beat teams, all of whom UGA would have beat too.

    But, would Oklahoma or Southern California have beat South Carolina ? And, if so, they are no better than us. Since they would not beat Alabama, South Carolina, Georgia, Vanderbilt, Auburn, LSU, Florida, etc., they are not better than we are.


  8. AceG8tr

    Don’t get yourselves in a lather, guys. It will all be academic after we beat you on Nov 1. 🙂