Factoid of the day

From the Los Angeles Times:

The margin of defeat in Rick Neuheisel’s first loss as UCLA’s coach, you may have heard, was 59 points. . . .

Pete Carroll’s 14 losses at USC have been by a combined 59 points. . . .


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3 responses to “Factoid of the day

  1. Derek

    CMR’s 19 losses have come by a combined 156 points. That’s 8.2 pts per game as opposed to Carroll’s 4.2 pts. per loss.

    You know what this means, right? Carroll can’t win the close ones, LOL.

    If you threw out the last two UT games and the blasting by LSU in ATL and the 24-6 game vs. Auburn, it would be a pretty close comparison. I think those are the only four double digit losses. While the beat downs by UT are inexcusable, I think USC has played one National Championship team (Texas and Vince Young) in that period whereas Auburn was 13-0, LSU won the MNC and we lost a close one to UF’s MNC team.

    Given the disparity in the schedules CMR’s 75-19 compares ver favorably to Carroll’s 78-14.

    I just hope we can get a shot at them in Miami.

  2. Pete Carroll’s losses:

    Kansas State, by 4
    Oreon, by 2
    Stanford, by 5
    Washington, by 3
    Notre Dame, by 9
    Utah, by 4

    Kansas State, by 7
    Washington State, by 3

    California, by 3


    Texas, by 3

    Oregon State, by 2
    UCLA, by 4

    Stanford, by 1
    Oregon, by 7

    One loss by more than one score. Not bad.

  3. squarebush

    Because I got curious and looked it up:

    South Carolina by 5
    Florida by 14
    Auburn by 7
    Boston College by 4

    Florida by 7

    LSU by 7
    Florida by 3
    LSU by 21

    Tennessee by 5
    Auburn by 18

    Florida by 4
    Auburn by 1
    West Virginia by 3

    Tennessee by 18
    Vanderbilt by 2
    Florida by 7
    Kentucky by 4

    South Carolina by 4
    Tennessee by 21