LVSC Top 30 Rankings – Week 4

You’ll be pleased to note that Georgia actually rose in the rankings for the “put your money where your mouth is” folks this week.

Rank Team Rating Previous Notes
1 Southern Cal 115.2 1 WOW!!!!!!!!!!
2 Oklahoma 110.5 3 Walloped Washington…Talented with plenty of depth.
3 Florida 110.0 2 SEC play beings this week at Tennessee.
4 Missouri 109.9 4 Offensive juggernaut. D’ will have to tighten up.
5 Georgia 109.2 6 Dodged a bullet at South Carolina.
6 Texas 107.8 7 Ike stopped Texas this week. Host Rice this week.
7 Ohio State 107.7 5 Still has a chance to win a bowl game…Just not the big one…
8 Penn State 107.5 9 Big Ten door could be wide open. Title shot????
9 Texas Tech 107.1 8 Red Raiders dominate a lame bunch of Mustangs.
10 Oregon 105.5 10 Purdue had Ducks on the ropes. Loss of Roper devastating.
10 Brigham Young 105.5 14 Cougars roared early and often-in demolition?
12 West Virginia 105.1 12 Head to Colorado off a bye week.
12 LSU 105.1 14 Unimpressive win versus North Texas…
14 California 104.8 11 The Bears were the turtles against the Terrapins.
15 Kansas 104.5 13 Reesing was solid, but late pick did Jayhawks in.
16 Wisconsin 104.2 20 Fresno State’s kicking woes helped Badgers escape win.
17 South Florida 104.0 17 Bulls showing knack for heart stopping wins.
18 Clemson 103.8 18 Get by Wolfpack… Cupcake on deck.
18 Texas Christian 103.8 18 Frogs still under the radar, but playing well.
20 Auburn 103.5 14 3-2 winner at Mississippi State…Yikes.
21 Oklahoma State 102.9 21 Cowboys are no slouch.
21 Tennessee 102.9 27 UCLA blowout at BYU doesn’t flatter Vols.
23 Utah 102.8 25 Easily handled in-state rival Utah State.
24 South Carolina 102.3 21 Gamecocks self-destruct once again.
25 Alabama 102.0 25 Head to Arkansas this week.
26 East Carolina 101.1 28 Tulane was tough, which appears to be the norm.
27 Cincinnati 101.0 29 Face Mid-American foes next two weeks.
28 Virginia Tech 100.5 29 Hokies rally past Jackets. ACC Title still alive.
29 Nebraska 100.1 NR Huskers off to a 3-0 start.
30 Fresno State 100.0 NR Even off a loss Bulldogs deserved to be ranked.

One thing’s for sure:  these guys ain’t overly impressed with the SEC right now.



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4 responses to “LVSC Top 30 Rankings – Week 4

  1. David H.

    I was wondering: how is this poll different (and more valid?) than other polls out there? Are people allowed to somehow bet on the teams according to the given “ratings”?



  2. KG

    So they say that Oregon’s loss of Roper is “devestating” but still rank them at number 10. And they believe that on a neutral field, Texas Tech, Oregon (without Roper), BYU and possibly WVU would all beat LSU?

    Yeah, yeah . . . . I buy that. I’d love lay 50 grand on the Red Raiders or Fightin Mormons to put a whoopin on those p*ssy Bengal Tigers. That’s gonna happen.


  3. Ryan H.

    Over the past number of years this poll has proved significantly more acurate over the course of the entire season than either the AP or the USA Today poll. The guys who put this poll together actually watch every of every team that they rank rather than the other polls which are mostly based on guys seeing highlights on SportsCenter and looking at the final score.


  4. shadrach

    This is a guess like every other poll. LSU at twelve isn’t even funny. “WOW!!!” for USC? USC only did what the last two SEC teams that faced the Buckeyes did. What is extraordinary about that? OSU is a three loss team in the SEC.

    This poll, regardless of the number of games these guys TIVO, is still a long way from portraying the CFB landscape. As if the USA Today and AP polls were accurate?