A couple of housekeeping notes

It’s traditional on the blogosphere to note milestones, so I thought I’d mention that sometime overnight Get The Picture enjoyed its one millionth page view according to WordPress.  Color me pleased and amazed all at the same time.  Muchas gracias to everyone of you who’ve clicked here.  Oh yeah, please don’t stop.

Also, the trial run for the Mumme Poll will take place after next week’s games.  And while that exercise won’t count, you will be asked to establish the e-mail address from which you’ll cast your votes for the rest of the season, so make sure you’ll have your ducks in a row for that when the time comes.



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5 responses to “A couple of housekeeping notes

  1. Heyberto

    Congrats! Best UGA Blog on the net IMO.


  2. dean

    2nd Heyberto’s comment.

    This is the methadone for the UGA addicts.


  3. That’s cool! I bet it doesn’t count all the page views I have made through Google Reader…. or does it?


  4. CLT Dawg

    Congrats Senator. Keep up the great work, we ain’t coming over ’cause you’re pretty.