Annals in how the mighty have fallen, part XXXVIII

Tomorrow’s game in Knoxville marks the first time since 1990 that both participants aren’t ranked.


“This is still the game,” wide receiver Gerald Jones said. “This is still the game of the year for us and for Florida, regardless of what they say. It’s always going to be this great tradition between the two schools.”

That’s probably news to some fans.  Tennessee and Florida have faced each other a grand total of 37 times in this series.



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9 responses to “Annals in how the mighty have fallen, part XXXVIII

  1. That’s 37 missed opportunities for someone to block the exits and fill a stadium up with water drowning everyone inside.


  2. UF is going to take UT to the cleaners.


  3. 81Dog

    Senator, you forgot one thing: since recorded history only officially began in Gainesville in 1990, it makes perfect sense that a Florida player would consider this an historic matchup.

    Interesting that THIS is a bigger game for them than the Game That Will Repay Last Year’s Indignity. I mean, that game will always be in the mind of Urban Meyer, and in the mind of his team. What could be bigger than that?


  4. 81, Jones is a Vol… my guess is that your average Gator doesn’t share his point of view on tomorrow’s game.


  5. 81Dog

    oops. Nice reading comprehension on my part.


  6. Don’t know if you’ve seen this bit of trivia or not, but thought you’d enjoy it. Courtesy of the WWL…

    Georgia is the fourth team in the last 25 years to be ranked No. 1 in the AP poll and then fall as far as third without losing or tying a game. The other three to do it — Oklahoma in ’85 and Nebraska in ’94 and ’97 — all went on to win the national title (in ’97, Nebraska won the coaches’ poll title but not AP’s).


  7. AuburnAllen

    Georgia vs. Flordia 47-37-2

    Auburn vs. Flordia 43-38-2

    “It’s always going to be this great tradition between the two schools.” LMAO.. oh ok

    Tennessee vs Florida 19-18

    btw… Tennessee wins this game


  8. AuburnAllen

    Yeah, well quess what crimson daddy.

    Auburn got hosed too. In 1994 we went undefeated in the SEC, won the SEC Championship and didn’t even get a shot at the national title. We were left out of the BCS National Title Game. Instead what happens, we go to the Sugar Bowl and beat Virginia Tech 16-13

    Hell, we finished 13-0 and were No. 2 in the country.

    Auburn got hosed and robbed of playing for the title game.


  9. Bill

    Auburn played a cupcake schedule and didn’t deserve to play in the title game. They didn’t get hosed – lol! You would’ve gotten beaten like a rented mule by either Oklahoma or USC anyways, so count yourself lucky that you finished #2 in the country.

    But take solace in the nc rings you bought for yourselves, losers.