Hot, hot, hot: ASU-Georgia

Thanks to our friends at the AJ-C, we know two things about tomorrow’s game:  the temperature is going to be hot and Arizona State is hot (in the angry sense, not the winning streak sense).  Motivated, too, according to Mr. Towers’ latest warning:

… And the Bulldogs definitely need to be fired up. They need to be supremely motivated. They need to play great. They’ll need to in order to handle the competition and they’ll need to to do what they need to do, which is to play impressively.

Arizona State has had this game circled every since it was scheduled years ago. I’m telling you the whole Valley out here is buzzing about the game. Yes, the Sun Devils lost to UNLV, but that was primarily because it was looking ahead to Saturday’s matchup with the Dogs. The fans really want to see their team take down a Top 3 team.

Maybe I’m missing something, but how are these story lines any different from last week’s?  Except for the fact that South Carolina was looking to take down a Top 2 team, they’re not.

Yeah, I know the Dawgs have Rudy to worry about, but what about the other side of the ball?  I think Chris Fowler’s on to something when he writes that

… I expect that Matthew Stafford, Knowshon Moreno and Georgia will feel liberated when they find themselves in Tempe to face Arizona State on Saturday (ABC, 8 p.m. ET). South Carolina always plays lights-out defense against the Dawgs. ASU is not as nasty on that side as Cocky’s crew.

And when SEC defenses tee off on nonconference offenses, the results have not been pretty. Ask the Canes. Or Clemson. Or Louisville. Or NC State.

I think the psychology of this game is getting way overblown.  One thing about ASU under Erickson so far is that the Sun Devils have not shown up well against top competition.  Does that mean that this is the first time they’ve gotten angry?



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4 responses to “Hot, hot, hot: ASU-Georgia

  1. Shorter AJC bloggers:

    Georgia better watch out! ___________ will be ready/will be angry/is pretty darn good/is better than you think/is tougher than you think/TROY!!!


  2. NCT

    Please tell me Chip didn’t really write “every since”. Holy crap. He did.


  3. KG

    I hope you pound those Pac 10 bastards by 40 points. And not just to make up for Tennessee’s embarassing display at UCLA but also to display the athleticism at the top of the SEC to the nation.


  4. Robert

    I caught that too, NCT.