Three quotes

First, from David Hale’s blog, Mark Richt reminds (without excusing) us about one reason as to why the defensive ends have started slowly.

“When you miss a lot of work, it’s tough to be in midseason form. Lomax missed a lot. Dobbs missed a lot. We were grabbing Corvey Irvin and Brandon Wood just to practice.”

That’s a fair point.  You just hope things catch up pretty soon.

From the same post, Stafford had an interesting point about Pac-10 football.

“I think their style of play is a little bit different. They don’t press man as much. They’re not as in your face like a lot of players are in the SEC, grabbing and holding on to guys. It’s more trying to run with them and make plays on the ball. It’s just a different style.”

Is that a plus or minus?  I guess we’ll find out tomorrow night.

Finally, Stafford’s ASU counterpart, Rudy Carpenter, decides to go all gruff and tough guy on us with a little bulletin board material.

Arizona State QB Rudy Carpenter is a fun guy to interview because he doesn’t just spit back rote answers. And if he doesn’t like a question, he’s incapable of hiding his annoyance.

For example: Rudy, looking at film of No. 3 Georgia, which visits Sun Devil Stadium Saturday, did anything stand out, did they look different than other Pac-10 teams — faster or bigger or stronger?

“They looked like guys,” Carpenter said. “They looked like guys in uniforms.”

Good pickup.  Let’s hope he’s at least that annoyed after the game.



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5 responses to “Three quotes

  1. NebraskaDawg

    Great job Rudy, That breakdown of the Georgia film will serve you well as a college football announcer on Fox.


  2. RedCrake

    “They looked like guys…hot guys,” Carpenter said. “They looked like hot guys in uniforms.”


  3. Ally

    You’d think after getting hammered so often by an opposing D out for revenge against what he allows to come flying out of his big mouth, he would just learn to shut-up & play ball.


  4. Robert

    I guess after getting sacked 50+ times in a season, you tend to forget names and numbers.

    GATA Dawgs!


  5. Chuck

    +1 RedCrake