Have thumb, will channel surf.

There’s nothing like being a couch zombie for twelve hours.  Aside from Georgia-Arizona State, here are my impressions from what I got to see yesterday:

  • East Carolina at NC State. There’s a reason non-BCS conference teams generally have trouble holding up against tough scheduling over time.  It’s called lack of depth.  Injuries on defense clearly hurt ECU, which yielded 384 yards to a team that had been an offensive basketcase to date.
  • Mississippi State at Georgia Tech. I don’t want to take anything away from Georgia Tech, which racked up 500 yards on what was a supposedly salty MSU defense (and did it mostly with a second string QB), but, Mother of God, why does Woody McCorvey still have a job?  If anything, the Bulldogs look even worse on offense than they did last year.  No offense combined with a minus-four turnover margin is an excellent formula for getting your ass kicked.  Ugly, ugly football team.
  • Iowa at Pittsburgh. This one’s destined to wind up on the list of the ten most forgettable games of 2008, if anyone remembers to compile it.
  • Virginia Tech at North Carolina. And you think Georgia has problems with penalties.
  • Wake Forest at Florida State. No touchdowns, less than five hundred yards total offense and nine turnovers between the two teams.  Ladies and gentlemen, this is your ACC.
  • Florida at Tennessee. Man, what a train wreck.  If there ever were a game where the final yardage totals told little about the actual game story, this was it.  I’ll never feel sorry for Fulmer, but there’s no denying the pain he was in on the sideline as everything blew up around him.  This just isn’t the same team without Cutcliffe on the staff.
  • Alabama at Arkansas. That’s what things look like when you make Casey Dick the centerpiece of the offense.
  • LSU at Auburn. I can’t fight this anymore.  I like Les Miles as a head coach.  The guy still has the biggest pair in the conference and he’s not afraid to use ’em.  The onside kick was just a hint of things to come, but the message it sent to Tuberville was clear:  you’d better believe I’m just as crazy as I was last year.  And I’ve still got no idea how Jarrett Lee got off that good a pass to Chris Mitchell for that first touchdown.  Just a great game to watch from beginning to end.
  • Rice at Texas. I know the ‘Horns haven’t played anybody yet, but neither has Oklahoma, when you think about it.  Colt McCoy is playing great ball right now (77.8% completion ratio!) and nobody’s really paying attention to him or his team.  Texas looks as good as anyone right now.


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6 responses to “Have thumb, will channel surf.

  1. NebraskaDawg

    Your description of the Wake game denotes a classic ACC game (both team play like crap but someone eventually has to win). Also got to agree on Les Miles, the more I want to tell you he’s an idiot the better his crazy decisions work. He’s that guy we all know that we can’t stand but always comes out smelling like a rose.


  2. Christian

    Amen on Les Miles. If you listened to him at halftime, he oozed confidence that his team would come back to win. I think he’d be great to play for.

    Another amen on MSU’s offense – just terrible.


  3. RedCrake

    I still believe that maverick attitude will come back to bite Les ala last year’s WVU/Pitt game…

    He’s a better coach than Rodriguez, but gambles by nature don’t always pay off. Let’s hope he gets his comeuppance when the Dawgs visit Baton Rouge.


  4. Darryl Strawberry

    Crompton is TERRIBLE and Clawson is maybe the worst coach i have ever seen. When you add the fact that Arian Foster is afraid to hit the line of scrimmage at full speed and they are too stupid to realize Hardesty is the better back, this UT team might lose 7.

    The Dawgs on the other hand, looked real good. I dont care that we couldnt punch it in from inside the 5. Once Southerland returns that will be a non-issue.

    Stafford hasnt thrown a pick all season. 4 games. By far the longest streak of his career.

    Man, this weekend is going be AWESOME.


  5. I need a good recordification* device because I really wanted to see Auburn/LSU but wasn’t about to sacrifice missing something during the Dogs game to flip back and forth.

    I also like Les and I can tell you that the UofM folks up here in the tundra are grieving that he didn’t come up here to replace Lloyd Carr (who was treated abysmally imho)

    No sympathy from this quarter for Fulmer. He pulled a Steve Spurrier with all the flinging of headsets etc. I used to love bluegrass music, but I’m sick of Rocky Top.

    Finally, Alabama makes me nervous. I hope Georgia is firing on all 6 cylinders on Saturday night. I’d like to roll a little tide into a tiny ball and toss it into the dumpster.

    *yes I know that’s not a real word.


  6. Darryl Strawberry

    “I need a good recordification* device because I really wanted to see Auburn/LSU but wasn’t about to sacrifice missing something during the Dogs game to flip back and forth”

    You should have pulled a 2nd HDTV into the living room like i did 😉