They’re so respectable.

You’d think these would be heady days for ‘Bama football, and you’d be right.  A 4-0 start, capped with a big opening day win, a top 10 ranking, a huge game with the third ranked team in the nation coming up this Saturday and you’d think Saban and his players would have plenty to focus on and talk about.

Not enough.  Not nearly enough.  Not when there’s a blackout in town, boys!

First, the Big Kahuna felt the need to make a fashion statement of his own.

Alabama coach Nick Saban responded by, you guessed it, blacking out today’s news conference. There he was, at the podium, sporting a black Alabama polo shirt…

Well, this is the only shirt I could find when I woke up this morning,” Saban said, laughing, before growing serious. “Those kinds of things only means something if you let it. Like those old Notre Dame teams that wore green jerseys and that means you’re not supposed to beat them. Or Joe Theismann talks to them Friday night, you’re not supposed to win that game. If all that does mean something to you, I guess it’s a problem. But they have good football players, that’s what we’re concerned about, not how they dress.”

No word yet on whether Saban will don a broadcast headset at his next presser to make a point about how he won’t let Munson’s retirement affect him either.

But there’s more!  Saban’s charges aren’t just sensitive about shirt colors.  They’ve got something to say about an incident that happened last year… that didn’t involve their team.

Whenever we get in the end zone, we act like we’ve been there before,” receiver Mike McCoy said. “It just adds to our fire, but we wouldn’t do anything like that. We act like we been there. We are a respectable team.

That’s cool, man.  Really.  It sounds to me like your respectable team is respected by the guys that will be wearing the black jerseys.

— Jeremy Lomax said his neck is feeling better and expects to play Saturday. He was in green Monday and didn’t get in on any contact drills, but said it’s almost certain he’ll be on the field against Alabama. “It would take a lot (to miss the game),” he said. “I’m ready to go. Fired up to get back out there, especially versus Bama. It’ll be a great challenge, a great atmosphere. I’m excited.”

— Mo Massaquoi was the leading voice in pushing for the blackout this week. “It was just something the seniors thought would be a great idea. We approached Coach Richt with it. We knew a lot was going to be riding on this game, and we just wanted to give the fans something to rally behind. It’s really a tribute to Alabama. They’re a great team, we’re a pretty good team, and we just want to go out there and put on a show.”

— Corvey Irvin certainly isn’t taking Alabama lightly: “I’m excited because I want to see what I’m made of and see what my other teammates are made of, to see where we’re really at. This will be, to me, the best team we play this year. I don’t want to back myself into a corner, but they’ve got some really good guys, and they’re going to play hard.”

Nothing like a good case of faux concern to get a team motivated.  I figure we’ll be hearing something before week’s end about Georgia players dancing.  That’s when you’ll know this whole respect deal has jumped the (crimson) shark.


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9 responses to “They’re so respectable.

  1. NebraskaDawg

    Looks to me Alabamastan has been talking the trash so far, even one quote about them dominating us. Just to put Bama on notice, your going to get ambushed just like your retarded cousin Auburn did last year. Send Wilson plenty of hairspray Bama fans because Rennie Curren is going to mess up those Bama Bangs when he slams him to the ground Saturday.


  2. NebraskaDawg




  3. Christian

    Instead of waiting until Saturday to mess with them, CMR’s starting right now. They don’t know how to handle the blackout – should they talk trash right back? Should they ignore it? Should they come up with something for the game?

    You’ll notice there are less questions floating out there about our awful kickoff coverage, or still learning patchwork OL?

    I feel surprisingly well about Saturday – I can’t decide if I need to get off this high – or ride until the 27th…..

    Go Dawgs!!


  4. Dawgb1

    You got to wonder if this is all just sour grapes from the lost last year. It was a tight game and we did win in OT and celebrated (understandably) on their field.

    They seriously just need to get over. Our guys are lapping them in the class department. But who expected anything different from a Saban team…


  5. I’m really not sure what the ruckus is about. It looks like UGA fans care more about Alabama’s reaction to the blackout than Alabama cares about the blackout.

    For starters, if you’ve watched any of these interviews, rather than just getting spoon-fed cherry-picked quotes, you’d see that the real problem here is that the press keeps asking about the blackout. Do you really think that’s something that all of these folks are thinking about all the time and just have to tell you about? No. It’s a neat gimmick, it looks cool, and the media loves it. So they ask about it. Constantly.

    I really can’t find anything even remotely objectionable in Saban’s comment. He was asked about the blackout, he responded that he’s more concerned about UGA’s players than what they wear. Isn’t that how it’s supposed to be? What would you preferred him to say?

    As for McCoy, he’s a football player, not an orator or logician. What he said was exactly spot on — the closest thing Alabama has done to altering its time-honored uniform in decades was that one-game experiment with the houndstooth collars from a couple years back, and that got a somewhat mixed reaction.

    Did he mean to imply that Georgia is less respectable because they’re wearing black? I sincerely doubt it… but if that’s how y’all want to take it, I guess you’re welcome to.

    I wouldn’t have thought more motivation was needed but, hey, whatever works for y’all.


  6. So, Pete, you think Saban needs to get his laundry done more frequently?

    I don’t know about you, but I hate it when I’m about to run out of shirts. 😉


  7. aladawgy

    Agree with you, Pete. Black is one of our colors. Period. I wouldn’t need more motivation to play hard and win and I am a girl!


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  9. Al C. Hemist

    As someone who’s seen several of Saban’s Monday Post Practice media get togethers this isn’t the first time the guy has worn black. Matter of fact, he wore black at the Sept. 15th Press Conference. He also wore black for the August 25th post practice presser.

    Saban, it would seem, likes the color black. Saturday should be an aesthetically pleasing day for him.