Black is the new black.

Over at AOL Fanhouse, Pete Holiday looks at the blackout for this Saturday’s game… and can’t suppress a yawn.

… Note to bloggers and reporters everywhere: we get it. Georgia’s going to be wearing black jerseys and that’s, like, totally a big deal because, like, what color shoes are they going to wear with that? And how can Alabama even possibly beat them — they’re 2-0 in those jerseys, y’all!

We understand. Really. Now can we talk about football?

Pete misses the point here, I think.  Sometimes, boys just want to have a little fun.

Athens — He might not admit it, but Georgia coach Mark Richt responded Wednesday to the video leaked Tuesday from Alabama’s practice in which a strength coach tells the team the Bulldogs are wearing black because they’re attending their own funeral.

Richt walked into the team-meeting room for his post-practice briefing Wednesday wearing a black hat, black shirt and black shorts. “I’m going to a funeral,” he said with a mischievous grin.

Naturally, a reporter asked if he was responding to the Alabama video.

“I don’t know what you’re talking about,” he quipped.



UPDATE: Dang, what has gotten into this guy?  He’s letting his inner stand-up comedian go this week:

… Later when he was asked about Crimson Tide punt returner Javier Arenas, Richt said: “He’s very good. Have you seen his highlights?”

That came after Arenas was asked this week about Georgia’s Knowshon Moreno.

“What about it,” Arenas told the Montgomery (Ala.) Advertister. “Have you seen some of my highlights?”

Mark Richt:  we just think we know him.


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8 responses to “Black is the new black.

  1. Rusi

    I am cracking up. Love Evil Richt.


  2. Boz

    Has this turned into some sort of rivalry game or something? If we’re getting this much attitude out of CMR for $aban and his Crimson Tide, I can’t wait to see how the Florida week unfolds.


  3. Joe

    I cannot tell if CMR really, really dislikes saban or really loves the guy and is enjoying the WCW thing?

    Saban is such a prick, btw, for not acknowledging the UGA players’ names. Sounds like that busch-league sh*t Paul johnson is doing over at Gtu….


  4. NCT

    Who knows what Richt is doing with the players? But he sure does know how to work us fans. Keep it comin’, coach.


  5. SCDawg

    This is a lot of fun.


  6. dean

    I don’t think CMR particularly cares for Saban. I’m not sure how far is goes back but I do know that Richt didn’t appreciate the comment Saban made a couple of years ago at the media days. It was something about Saban being at some bar in Athens watching his son’s band play and he saw a bunch of Georgia players there. Plus I think the ’03 SECC still eats at Richt a little bit.


  7. Ally

    Umm, I think 45-16 showed what CMR thinks of Saban.

    I agree Dean. That ridiculous comment from Saban hasn’t been forgotten by anyone. But notice how CMR kept his mouth shut after the cocaine bust of ’08.

    One thing you can always count on from Saban – he has NO self-control when it comes to his big mouth.


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