Time, time, time… see what’s become of me.

USA Today surveys the wreckage from the new clock rules and comes up with this completely unsurprising conclusion:

Games are 14 minutes faster and have eight fewer plays than last year.

Super duper!  The NCAA is thrilled because… well, because nobody’s shown up yet with pitchforks and torches to storm the castle.

But Rogers Redding, the NCAA’s secretary-rules editor, said he has heard no groundswell of opposition to the new rule even with the decrease in plays.

“It’s been amazingly quiet,” he said. “Certainly, there’s not been a firestorm of any kind.”

Which I guess makes Urban Meyer chopped liver.

“I’m not a fan of the clock rule,” said Meyer. “I feel like they are cheating the fans (and), more importantly, the players. The players need more plays.”

Maybe he needs to give Redding one of those patented point and glares for emphasis.  Humor aside, this is a pretty telling stat if you ask me:

… Florida statistics show since 1974, the Gators have had only 10 games (out of 413 played) in which they ran 55 or fewer offensive plays. Two of them have come in their three games this season, with 54 against Tennessee and 55 against Hawaii.



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5 responses to “Time, time, time… see what’s become of me.

  1. NebraskaDawg

    No Urban, It’s you that wants more plays. The Savior of the Swamp only had 97 yards passing last week.


  2. NCT

    I think Urban’s problem with the shorter games is not so much padding Tebow’s stats as it is his over-all offensive game plan. He’s stockpiled all these speed weapons among his ball-handlers, and his game plan requires that he have time to pull them out and put them in to create ideal mismatches against defensive personnel and sets. The trouble is that the speedier game prevents you from taking your time during late innings to see which of your lefthanded pitchers can get ready for the guy on deck. It just may be that a huge chunk of his strategy planning during the offseason just went down the tubes.


  3. montgomeryaldawg

    And by stockpiling all the skill/speed players, they were recruited with the expectation of making plays in this O. There aren’t as many opportunities to ‘spread the wealth’, heck, last year the wealth didn’t get beyone the GPOOE and PH. Keeping all these guys happy and recruiting still more will be problematic. See also USC and the tailback position, which is how UF got Moody in the first place.


  4. montgomeryaldawg

    beyond, quick typing.


  5. Pumpdawg

    Senator,I have a plan.
    Since ESPN decided to snub the Knowshon clip a couple of weeks ago,let’s get the Dawg Nation to snub College Gameday.It’s a win/win situation.Let’s show ESPN that they are not the see all/be all of college football.Plus,here’s the great part,if only Bama fans show up at Myer’s Quad,that would piss off Corso and he would pick Bama to win.And we all know what happens when Corso picks you to win.Get the word out Senator for a guaranteed win. GO DAWGS