No, I’m not talking about your tailgating plans for tomorrow.  There are a couple of excellent posts up worth your attention:

By the way, check out this little factoid, courtesy of

• Georgia running back Knowshon Moreno has been exceptional in the second half. Thanks to a national-best seven second-half runs of 20 yards or more, he’s averaging more than 10 yards per carry after halftime. He also has 20 rushing touchdowns in his past 10 games.



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4 responses to “Gameplanning

  1. watcher16

    good logically, but no way in hades do we run the exact same 4 plays over and over again 2 games in a row….otherwise I’d seriously question the ability of our coordinators. And as he said, thats just focusing to stop Moreno, leaving AJ and Mo Mass open


  2. NM

    Agreed, watcher. I would love to see Bama get keyed up to stopping KnoMo. He’ll still get 4 YPC on his worst day *and* Stafford and our big-play WRs should make ’em pay.


  3. HVL Dawg

    You probably would be suprised how few different offensive plays are called in a game. Aside from short yardage plays there are probably, what, 6 running plays and 6 pass plays. The rest are gimick plays that are run 2-3 times a season. That’s my guess- anybody know better?


  4. JasonC

    I tend to agree with HVL Dawg, as long as I can remember, UGA has pretty much stuck with a handful of bread-and-butter runs. Maybe they switch the formation around, but toss sweep, ISO, counter, off-tackle, option read out of shotgun and FB up-the-gut (as a change up) are the basics.

    My favorite line from the link to the Bob Davie column was from Rece Davis’ article:
    “By the way, send my buddy Mark May a card or some candy or something. He’s hobbling around on crutches. He apparently broke his ankles jumping off the USC bandwagon Thursday night. Get well, MayDay.”

    Nice to see that fans aren’t the only ones who think May is a joke.