When narratives go down in flames

Over at his Dr. Saturday blog, Matt Hinton asks the question of the day:

But if Ohio State deserves to be ridiculed and scorned and run out the mythical championship picture on a rail for its primetime, big game failures, when are we going to hold USC accountable for repeatedly losing the little one?

Gosh, and just think:  twenty four hours ago, pundit after pundit was fretting over USC going undefeated and being shut out of the BCS title game if undefeated teams won the Big XII and SEC.  When are we going to see these stupid September hypothetical discussions stop?



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8 responses to “When narratives go down in flames

  1. NebraskaDawg

    I live in Big XII country but the consensus among the fans I know (K-State, Missouri, Nebraska, Kansas) is that even they believe the SEC is the best conference. There is no other conference that even come close. The Mountain West maybe the third best conference.


  2. BCDawg97

    When? Never.

    Same way with the polls. Gotta have something to talk about.


  3. Heyberto

    I may be a little guilty of thinking USC would go undefeated, but from a non-pundit point of view, I really couldn’t see them losing another game… glad I was wrong. I just hope this removes them from title consideration. A one loss Big 12 or SEC team would deserve a shot at the national title moreso than a one loss USC. Lots of football left to be played though… so we’ll see how it plays out.


  4. I still loved the articles I have been reading the past few days and weeks that would say something to the likes of ….”The race to play USC for the national championship….”


  5. Remember losing to Vandy in 2006? Remember how comically awful that felt?

    Now picture doing that with a demonstratively more talented team. And now picture doing it two years in a row. Congrats, you’re USC.

    Big ups for Hinton, who said about a week ago that USC wasn’t immune to pooping themselves against far lesser competition, and that the Best! Team! Ever! talk was silly.


  6. dean

    No loss on our schedule will look as bad as that loss last night. Didn’t the Beavers lose to Stanford before getting whacked by Penn St. (in Beaver stadium)? Geeezzz. And this is the team all the voters thought was better than us because they beat Virginia.

    I think this loss ensured a one loss SEC champion a shot at the MNC. Likely against the Big XII champion, assuming they have no more than one loss.


  7. Will

    I was about to dispute you, dean, but with the way Vandy and UK have taken care of business against lesser opponents (and some not so lesser?), being beaten by 1-win Oregon State is more embarrassing.

    Unless the Vols continue to look suck-tastic except for beating us.


  8. Dear ESPN, FOX, CBS, and everyone on that 12-0 USC train,

    I hope that humble pie tastes good.


    The SEC