Enough with this already:

… Alabama announced its presence with authority with a 34-10 season-opening victory over then-No. 9 Clemson and continued to impress in a 49-14 rout over Arkansas last week. [Emphasis added.]

Can someone explain to me exactly what is impressive about hammering Arky this year?  The NCAA tracks seventeen statistical categories.  The Razorbacks are in the bottom three in the SEC in ten of those categories, including last in rushing defense, scoring defense, turnover margin and sacks allowed.  They’ve barely beaten 1-AA Western Illinois and Sun Belt mediocrity Louisiana-Monroe.

In short, they suck.  This isn’t said to knock ‘Bama, which is clearly the best team that Georgia has faced this year, but I don’t get what the big deal is about beating what may wind up being the worst team in the SEC this season.


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  1. Not just the worst in the SEC, but maybe the worst team in any BCS conference. The other candidates? Syracuse? UVA maybe?


  2. RedCrake

    Mark May picks Alabama on Sportscenter. I guess the lovefest from May is over.

    Can’t say I’m too upset. He and Corso know less about college football than any other ESPN talking head. If only Corso puts on the elephant head tomorrow morning, we will surely destroy Bama

    I also enjoyed May trying to explain away his pick of USC last night. I guess it’d be to much to ask that they just acknowledge that USC wasn’t as good as they thought. Everybody else, myself included, made the same pick.


  3. Jim

    Let them talk up Alabama. If we win, then we will look better. We beat these same guys last year. It shouldn’t have been close except we got conservative on offense and loose on defense in the second half.


  4. Will Queen

    Could it be a none-too-subtle reworking of this year’s narrative, Senator? The golden children in Columbus and LA haven’t turned out too well this year. What could be better to replace those storylines than the reemergence of another old power?


  5. Good news here, imho:

    “Stafford is a guy I know well because he lives right down the block,” said Gil Brandt, the Dallas-based NFL.com analyst. “I don’t know how anybody can project anybody as a top guy.”

    It appears the thought of leaving early at least has entered the mind of Stafford. His father recently solicited the opinions of Brandt and Archie Manning, according to Brandt.

    “If he stays there and is a four-year player he’s got a chance to be a really, really good football player,” Brandt added. “If he comes out early, he’s going to struggle like a lot of guys who come out early. Not because of his talent. When you stay there and get the experience and understand how to play the game, it’s a lot easier to play it.”


  6. Robert

    Senator, that is exactly what I’ve been thinking.

    I looked up some of those same shaky Bama stats. JPW had 73 yds passing against Tulane and 74 against Arkansas. That didn’t seem too scary to me…

    If we can keep Bama’s running game in check, at least under 100 yards, we’ll be just fine.

    Let everybody pick Bama, we’ll just finally get the respect we’ve lost over the past 4 weeks if we win.

    Go Dawgs!


  7. Trace

    The reason you guys are upset is because you got all the pre-season hype and you haven’t showed up. “We beat these same guys last year.” I really don’t think so. This isn’t the Alabama team from last year or in years past that runs out of gas in the 4th Quarter. Keep our running game in check? Well, we have three different running backs and any of them could start so you should have plenty of opprotunities to prove you can do that. I’ll say this about your wins this year, look at your “win” over the Gamecocks. Yeah, that was a clear blow out you guys dished out. Last thing, you guys say Bama isn’t anything to get excited about yet you break out the special black jerseys and then the rest of you dawg fans jump on the bandwagon and say you’re going to a funeral. What a riot. Yeah, you are going to a funeral…your own. ROLL TIDE ROLL.


  8. JimmytheGreek

    Trace is a perfect example of the “houndstooth crack” they smoke in Alabama. After we kick their butt, then they concentrate on winning against Auburn this decade.


  9. Trace

    Hey Jimmy, lets talk about that winning streak against Florida you guys have going. Or maybe when you have the time we can compare National Championship trophies?


  10. Robert

    How about this Trace, Georgia has scored 82 points against your hated rivel from the south in the past two seasons.

    Bama’s been able to muster up 86 points since 2002 against those same Tiger teams.

    I guess you can’t show your face around their messege boards, so you’re trolling around ours.

    Wake up, it’s time to play a real team. That Saban-aid will taste good for a few more hours.

    You better drink it while you can.


  11. NM

    Hey Trace, we beat Florida last year… We’re 2-2 the last four years. How long has it been since one of y’all’s senior classes has done even that well against Auburn?

    Feel free to change that last sentence to “won an SEC title”, “finished in the top five”, etc. Go talk trash to Louisiana Monroe fans… oh sorry… I mean Miss. St. fans… oops, lost that one too…


  12. Trace

    You are right NM, I’d much rather win an SEC title than a National Title. Great point (what?). I won’t bring up the fact that we’ve won 12 of those to your 2. I love how you guys talk all this smack and you haven’t won a Champinoship (that’s a National not SEC title NM) in 28 years. But really, all these numbers and stats are great but the fact is, you guys seem worried about tonight. Remember? We are playing each other tonight in case you guys forgot. And is this why all the drama comes out with your whole “Blackout Bama”? Usually the team that needs an added edge comes up with some kind of slogan or theme. I have to admit that it’s a pretty cute saying though. Blackout Bama. I can’t wait to see if all of this extra stuff you guys are doing means anything on the field and if it helps you beat “these same guys from last year”. I hope you guys think that. I really do.


  13. Will Queen

    That win against Clemson looks really good now that they’ve also been beaten by Maryland.


  14. Trace

    Halftime Score…ALABAMA 31, Georgia 0. Just wanted to give you guys an update in case you aren’t watching. Ha-Ha!


  15. Trace

    Saban-aid tastes goooood! Nice try Georgia. Now go talk trash to a team you can handle.


  16. tmc1

    The saddest thing is that once again Saban cleared the bench in the second half.


  17. tmc1

    Seriously Dawg fans.
    if he had kept the 1st teams in it would have probably ended 55-10 or worse… Whodathunkit.