Really last, final tidbits before ‘Bama-Georgia game. I promise.

Here are a few last minute thoughts and quotes that may have fallen through the cracks, or haven’t gotten as much attention as perhaps they deserve:

  • Chris Low mentions the “glass half full” aspect to Georgia’s schedule“Georgia’s the SEC team that’s probably the strongest lock to make the BCS national championship game if the Bulldogs can win the SEC title with no more than one loss. Their brutal schedule would be what puts them over the top with the voters.”
  • We all like to knock Herbstreit – and there are certainly times when he deserves it – but he makes a very good point about Alabama that’s been overlooked this week in his Q & A with David Hale:  “They’re paper thin. That’s the difference between ‘Bama and Georgia, Florida and LSU. They don’t have the depth. Their margin of error is so slight. If John Parker Wilson gets hurt, they’re in big trouble. If Caldwell gets hurt, they’re in trouble. If any of these crucial ingredients go down, they don’t have anybody. So they have to stay healthy in order to have the kind of year they want to have.” In my mind, that’s not simply something to factor in over the course of the season, but also in the context of what should be a hotly contested, very physical game tonight.
  • Yeah, Saban’s gonna mix up his defenses tonight in an attempt to keep Stafford off his game.  But didn’t Saban try to do the same thing last year?
  • Alabama respects Moreno.  Don’t forget that last year, when he wasn’t the featured back, he still managed 96 yards on 19 touches.
  • While you’re looking at that box score, don’t forget that Coutu had the chance to win that game in regulation and couldn’t.  Yet the Dawgs survived.  Walsh, while a freshman, has been a pretty cool customer so far on field goals.
  • On a lighter note, this is great.  Demented, but great. (h/t Bama Sports Report)


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11 responses to “Really last, final tidbits before ‘Bama-Georgia game. I promise.

  1. Ally

    The depth issue is an excellent point for Bama. I’m surprised no one’s brought it up, especially since our depth has been one (of many) reasons why no one thinks we can run the table & deserve to be ranked in the top spot.

    If you’d told me back in the spring that we would be without Trinton Sturdivant, Jeff Owens, Brannan Southerland, Quintin Banks, and Rod Battle for the first 5 games, I would’ve told you we would’ve suffered a loss by now. Funny what depth and great coaching can do for a team.

    Off to the tailgate – GO DAWGS!!! Win it for Munson!!!


  2. JasonC

    If our lines have their best game of the season today, I really think we will win. That will allow Curran & Ellerbe to do what they need to do and help Miller/Evans. It will also allow our skill players on the “O” to make the plays we need to win.


  3. NM

    Hey Senator, remember before the season when you thought Florida was ranked way too high?

    Yeah, about that…

    But in fairness, Urban knew it was coming too. He just couldn’t say so.


  4. RedCrake

    I’ll give all the credit in the world to Ole Miss, but Florida looked awful.

    The had no push on the O-Line and that improved and now vaunted secondary gave up lots of yards to an unproven QB and couldn’t make the open field tackles on the runs that got past that impenetrable D-Line.

    I can’t remember the last time Tebow looked so lost. He couldn’t make the runs when they counted and I don’t remember a time that he has overthrown that many times. If Florida comes like this to the Cocktail Party it will be a bloodbath (It will be a BIG DEAL).

    I would’ve liked to have seen UGA defeat an undefeated Florida in Jacksonville, but I’ll just have to console myself with the thought of lil’ Timmy crying in the locker room.


  5. Zach

    How much you wanna bet that Meyer will come out later and “admit” that poor Timmy was injured in this game but “soldiered on”, giving a “valiant effort”?

    And yes, I do have a thing for quotation marks.


  6. Take snarky comment above and substitute appropriate Georgia entity for Florida. Rinse. Repeat.

    Who thought they were showing up at the Cocktail party undefeated? As for the “bloodbath”, my guess after watching our teams tonight – pillow fight for the SEC LEast title.


  7. Jim

    Turn out the lights. the party is over.


  8. we got gumped

    Dink Nesmith might have been on to something


  9. Zach


    The “snarky comment” had nothing to do with the egg that the Dawgs laid tonight but was a tongue-in-cheek reference to the oft used excuse by many Florida fans as to why they lost the Cocktail Party last year.


  10. Zach,

    I should have said “comments”, as I was really referring to the couple of posts above yours.


  11. CLTDawg

    If the first half of that game were the movie Pulp Fiction, Bama would have been the 2 rednecks & we were the gimp. Not good. Not good at all.