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Mumme Poll reminder #1

Don’t forget to turn your ballots in between now and Monday at 9:00 PM.

E-mail your ballot to mummepoll@yahoo.com.

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Black is black.

First off, let’s get the easy part of this post out of the way:  congrats to Alabama fans.  Your team showed up prepared and ready to execute from the opening kick.  As a Georgia fan, it was both depressing and impressive to watch the domination that took place in the first half.

As for the rest of this sad story, let’s face it – this is a recurring pattern with these Dawgs under Richt.  There’s a game or two every season where for some inexplicable reason the team, coaches and players both, simply fails to show up for a half and looks completely out of its element.  That it was last night was unfortunate, both in terms of the timing (hello, GameDay!) and the quality of the opponent, but not unexpected.

And of course we’re offered the “they didn’t quit in the second half” story after the game, which strikes me as the functional equivalent of the game show host handing out the consolation prize of the terrific board game version of the TV show while we watch the winner cavort with the pretty female sidekick and the $100,000 check.  Nice, but hardly satisfying.

I’m not going to waste any time breaking down the ginormous sized egg that was laid last night.  I’ve no doubt that others will do a more than capable job of doing that.  I will simply say that if these Dawgs are consistent with what they’ve shown us in past years, at some point in time Richt will get them rebooted mentally and emotionally and they will play up to the level of their talent.  That being said, the catch is that it’s hard to say how long that may take; in both of the last two seasons, it didn’t happen overnight.

At least Florida lost, too.


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