Greatest. Mug. Shot. Evah.

Danny, I understand why that game Saturday night could drive a man to drink.

Help a brotha with a face logo out, man.

Help a brotha with a face logo out, man.


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7 responses to “Greatest. Mug. Shot. Evah.

  1. Doc

    Chris Tucker on steroids.


  2. Jim

    Let’s cut Danny some slack. The game drove me to drink but I was at home. I hate it when we get embarrassed on national TV. I live in the god forsaken state of Texas and I got some grief today from Longhorn fans, Auburn fans, A&M fans and LSU fans. They did not watch the second half (as if it matters). And those were the only fans I ran into at work. There are still Texas Tech, Gators, Sooners, etc .waiting to remind me of the game. It’s going to be a great week. Did I mention the man running the divsion is an Alabama fan?


  3. That has got to be the lamest arrest for public intoxication ever.

    The dude blew a 0.15.

    Seriously, is anyone in downtown on Sunday morning at 2:30 AM coming close to blowing LESS than a 0.15? I sure as hell never would have, I could tell you that much.


  4. Jim

    And another thing, I had to listen to Longhorns talk about beating a SEC team (arkansas) like it was no big deal. I told them Vandy would have given them a better game. They know the Sooners are coming.
    Any way, I now know how it feels to be a Big Ten Champion in a NC game.


  5. Coastal Dawg

    You have to wonder if the Po’Po thought he was a current player and were looking for a chance to bust him.

    Get real. At 2:30 in the morning, you tell him, them or anybody to get out of the street. You don’t make an arrest.


  6. shane

    Typical of the Athens police force. Never tell anyone to go home when You can lock them up and collect the fine. bTW, You don’t have to go to Texas for trash talk, just go to the AJC blogs.


  7. Ally

    Jason – excellent point. I laughed out loud when I read his arest report. He had a drink in a bar, then stepped outside to talk with a girl. I get the part about inerfering with traffic, but an arrest for a 0.15 while just having a conversation? This is getting ridiculous. The city of Athens is like no other college town in America – and that’s not always a compliment.

    Does it remind anyone else of Ron White’s “Drunk in pub-lick” bit?