2008 Las Vegas Sports Consultants Top 30 – Week 5

Say what you will, the money folks are awfully kind to the Dawgs this week.

Rank Team Rating Previous Notes
1 Oklahoma 112.9 2 Leap past Horned Frogs to the top.
2 Southern Cal 112.2 1 Trojans dug a hole against Beavers.
3 Missouri 109.9 4 Let Big 12 play begin… Huskers up first.
4 Texas 109.0 6 Razor sharp win over Arkansas.
5 Florida 108.9 3 Rebels played with a cause.
6 Penn State 107.9 7 Nittany Lions finally getting deserved respect.
7 Alabama 107.5 17 Saban really has Tide rolling now.
8 Georgia 106.9 5 Bulldogs buried at home.
9 Texas Tech 106.8 9 Red Raiders get a break before Big 12.
10 Ohio State 106.2 8 Buckeyes putting pieces back together.
11 LSU 106.0 10 Tigers getting better with experience.
12 Brigham Young 105.6 11 BCS Buster…Three weeks to battle at TCU.
13 Kansas 104.8 12 Cyclones another pushover.
13 California 104.8 12 Bears ram tough against CSU.
15 South Florida 103.7 17 Title shot not out of the question.
16 Oklahoma State 103.6 19 Talented Cowboys under the radar.
17 Wisconsin 102.6 14 Big 2nd half flop in “Big House”.
17 Texas Christian 102.6 15 Had to lose ‘Sooner’ or later.
19 West Virginia 102.5 22 Finally showed signs of life.
20 Utah 102.4 20 Will Oregon State have anything left?
20 Auburn 102.4 21 Found a way to win over Vols.
22 Clemson 102.0 15 Jekyll and Hyde team.
23 Virginia Tech 101.8 25 Hokies hand Huskers home loss.
24 Arizona 101.0 25 Host Huskies next.
24 Tulsa 101.0 NR Averaging 55 points per game.
26 Michigan State 100.5 30 Spartans playing well.
26 Cincinnati 100.5 23 A win is a win…slipped past Zips.
28 South Carolina 100.4 28 Shut down weak UAB offense.
29 Boston College 100.1 NR Schedule only gets tougher
30 Boise State 100.0 NR Broncos move up sitting at home idle.

That’s a huge jump for ‘Bama, so even though we think the Tide should be higher, it’s going in the right direction.  But how do you explain LSU at #11, behind Ohio State and Florida, for example?  And it’s still a bit of a puzzler to see Kansas ahead of South Florida.

At least Notre Dame isn’t getting any consideration.

And I’m not sure if it’s a mistake or an editorial comment, but at the link Tennessee gets listed as one of the teams that dropped out of the top 30 – twice.



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4 responses to “2008 Las Vegas Sports Consultants Top 30 – Week 5

  1. Like I said…these guys just don’t like LSU.


  2. Christian

    I think it also shows that things are not as bleak as they first seem.

    We’ve got a strong team, in a strong conference with a strong chance to move back up.

    First item on the agenda, convincingly defeat a Tennessee team that is not on our level (at home)

    Next, take care of business with Vandy (at home).

    After that, the fun begins in earnest in Baton Rouge…..

    Go Dawgs!!


  3. Wolfman

    I still don’t think LSU is that good. Certainly not better than Bama or Florida. I think their ranking is appropriate.


  4. This helps to prove that people who know anything about college football realize that BYU should be in the NC game. They would destroy most everyone. Would clearly be favored over any team that wouldn’t be to chicken to come play us in Provo!