Is there a doctor in the house?

Going over the injury list at David Hale’s blog and at the Banner-Herald, it looks like they need to set up a MASH unit on the sideline at Sanford Stadium.

It’s a good thing Kiante Tripp’s got everyone’s back.

“By the time I leave here I might know the defensive plays, offensive plays, what the receivers are supposed to do, what the quarterback is supposed to do,” Tripp said. “I might do a little snapping, might punt a little bit. I might do kickoff, too.”


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7 responses to “Is there a doctor in the house?

  1. NebraskaDawg

    The Tripp to TE still perplexes me. Is a nearly 300 lb TE better than White, Ros and Nickels. Yeah I know Ros is a freshman and he wants to redshirt but why? The only thing I can figure is he is just not strong enough or doesn’t know the plays. Our O-Line should take precedent over our TE situation.


  2. dean

    Actually ND, putting Tripp at TE basically gives us another linemen. This should help improve running the ball and pass protection (yea I don’t think he’ll be catching many balls). The one problem is it may tip our hand a little when Tripp is at TE versus White.


  3. Heyberto

    I met Mr. Tripp last year at the Senior Gala. Sat with him and his Mom. He’s a great guy and his willingness to work where the team and the coach need him to seems so genuine given the little bit I got to know him. Not saying he’s the answer to all of our woes, but he’s got the mindset to make these jumps, and I think that’s key. He’ll work hard to do the job that’s needed.


  4. Dawg Dave

    Let’s not forget that Tripp was a pretty good basketball player in high school. Also, Tripp is way more athletic than your average O-Lineman. It think I read somewhere that he runs a 4.7 to 4.9 40 yard dash. That is probably faster than Chandler. While I’m pretty sure he will be primarily a blocker, it wouldn’t surprise me if he catches a ball here and there. After all if the other team doesn’t expect us to pass to the tight end with him in there, wouldn’t that give us the element of surprise if we throw it to him every now and then? The fact is if the coaches feel like he is the best option at that position, I’m all for it. Besides, I really like the guy’s attitude. Let’s get behind him and this team as we get ready for the Vols. Go Dawgs!


  5. Robert

    I have to say that I agree with Dean.

    We haven’t seen very much TE production this year, unlike most other years under Richt’s command.

    So why not have a big man that can get out on an island and throw a big block in the run/pass game?

    Who knows? He might be able to catch the ball better than we think…

    I know I wouldn’t want to tackle somebody his size.


  6. dean

    >em>Who knows? He might be able to catch the ball better than we think…

    From what I’ve read he was a standout (is that one word or two?) basketball player in high school so that should help with his pass catching because you have to catch a basketball with you hands. Though I doubt any of his basketball teammates threw the ball as hard as Stafford throws a football.

    I’ve wondered why White hasn’t caught more passes this year. To me he seems like he could create the same mismatch problems for other teams that the So. Car. TE (can’t remember his name) did to us, with his size and speed n’all.


  7. dean

    Oops with the italics again.

    Sleepy from lunch.