Those darn polls

There’s a good summary by one of the guys at of what the human and computer pollsters are telling us about the shape of the top 25 these days over at

The computers like Florida a lot less than the humans do, that’s for sure.  And Georgia took much less of a hit from the computers due its loss to ‘Bama than did the other national title contenders that were upset on Saturday, which is probably a reflection of the quality of the teams’ opponents.


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3 responses to “Those darn polls

  1. NebraskaDawg

    Everyone’s dumped on the Dawgs but at least we were beat by a ranked opponent. Maybe we needed a humbling beat down, it worked after Tennessee last year.


  2. The polls right now don’t matter. Win out, and UGA is in the MNC game. Even as a 2-loss SECC, UGA has a good shot at being in the MNC game as the top 2-loss team will almost surely finish no lower than 3rd in the final BCS poll this year.


  3. JDog

    As a 1-loss, UGA has a chance. As a 2-loss, I don’t think it’s guaranteed, even as SECC. UGA doesn’t have enough “credit” with the voters, especially after the Alabama loss. Just look at how (relatively) forgiving they were to USC, who faced a three touchdown deficit to a much worse team. Hopefully some convincing wins later in the season will make it easier to forget last Saturday.