The Kentucky-Alabama game irritates the hell out of me.



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  1. 69Dawg

    Now we have to worry about Kentucky. If our O doesn’t get cranked back up we’re in a heap of trouble.


  2. Auditdawg

    I believe this game proved Gary Danielson’s point that you only get your team to play at full capacity 4 or 5 times a year. We happened to be the bug to their full capacity windshield last week. Sucks, doesn’t it?


  3. dean

    What irriated the hell out of me was Uk forced a 3-n-out on UA first possesion. Something we couldn’t do till the 3 quarter.

    Just further proves that Bama played out of their freakin’ minds last week.


  4. Mhoram

    How about Vandy? They are now officially the team that no one wants to play.

    Win, and you just beat Vanderbilt. Lose, and you get a year’s worth of comments about losing to Vanderbilt.


  5. RaleighDawg

    17-14 doesn’t irritate me as much as 14-13 will irritate the barn this year. At least we have looked functional at times this year on both sides of the balls. Starting to wonder if AU might make a return trip to Nashville at the end of the year.


  6. Jim

    Gee, what about our defense getting going.


  7. Just got back from Tuscaloosa. Went to ALA/UK with a Bama buddy of mine.

    I hate to be the bearer of bad news, but the Tide look very, very average. Same sort of thing they were last year. Stout enough on defense, solid when they decide to run the ball, but prone to baffling errrors (they appeared to be showing early signs of a strain of penaltyitis they picked up in Athens) and led by a lousy QB. I have no idea why/how last week happened like it did, but today’s Alabama team wasn’t even close to last week’s. Even with a great day for Coffee.

    So yeah. Grr.