Perverse thought of the morning

I guess we’d best hope that the Dawgs don’t get caught in the Tennessee game looking ahead to playing Vanderbilt.


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13 responses to “Perverse thought of the morning

  1. Jim

    If we lose to Tenn after the last two years, it would be the beginning of the end of the Richt era. I am not saying he would be fired but it would probably be a loss he could never recover unless he did fire his two coordinators. With the talent we have, we hsoudl win easily.


  2. Jim

    Sorry for the spelling.


  3. SonuvaDawg

    I’m just glad we have UTK as a warmup game before we have to face Vandy!!


  4. dan




  5. Tenn_Dawg

    Dan….I don’t think Jim is that far off. If Georgia loses to this stinker of a UT team after having the bye week, the more talented team, playing at home and playing for the SEC East…. then yes Richt should be held accountable. If Georgia loses to UT then the Dawgs are going NOWHERE this year.


  6. dan

    Post deleted by admin.

    NOTE FROM ADMIN: I’m not big on profanity, but I’m a free speech guy, so I let the first comment go.

    This one’s profane and nothing but a personal insult, so I killed it. If you’re gonna insult, at least be clever about it. But if that’s the best you can do, save it for some place else, please.


  7. Jim

    I am not trying to be pessimistic and I am not saying we are going to lose. I expect us to win and win easily. The point was made that we could over look Tenn and be upset. I should have been more articulate and made some of the points Tenn_dawg made.


  8. dan

    I apologize. Both were very inappropriate. What I should have said is that both of those guys were born of a jackal, perhaps in the same litter. Their very existence makes the world a lesser place.


  9. Jim

    Well, applogy accepted. Arffff or what ever noise jackals make.


  10. dan


    The apology was obviously not directed at you. However, maybe I should reconsider my statements because for a man of your obviously limited intellect, the world is a harsh enough place already.
    I think that maybe you would fit in well as an Auburn fan. I’m sure tickets will be easy to come by for you and your wife/sister for the rest of this season. Good luck.



  11. Jim

    Wow, I am hurt. At first, I thought your reference to a “son of a jackal” meant you may be a GA Tech drop out working on terrorism but now I realize you must be a South Carolina grad. Maybe post graduate work.


  12. Wolfman


    The perserve thought strikes me too. This game scares the hell out of me, mostly because Tennessee looks so bad. Here’s hoping we will “crush their faces.”


  13. I think I mentioned several weeks ago that Vandy might be a bit of a contender. I heard the guys on ESPN say “The Geeks shall inherit the earth.” Despite my “like” of Vandy, I LOVE my Dogs and hope we’re the ones to break the winning streak. It’s hard not to root a little bit for a team that hasn’t started this strong since WWII.

    Regarding TN…I wouldn’t care if I NEVER heard “Rocky Top” played the rest of my life.