My Mumme Poll ballot, week 6


  • Alabama
  • LSU
  • Missouri
  • Oklahoma
  • Texas


  • Florida
  • Georgia
  • Ohio State
  • Penn State
  • Southern California
  • Texas Tech
  • Utah


  • One big plus to approval voting is apparent at this time of the season when there are several undefeated teams with merit:  it’s a lot easier to select a group of top five than to rank a top five in order.
  • That being said, with the slate of games coming up this weekend, there’s going to be a fair amount of reshuffling of teams’ positions in the next ballot.
  • Texas Tech’s schedule to date is awful.  Because of that, there’s no way I could rank the Red Raiders as high as they appear in the polls, but I grudgingly include them in my top twelve.
  • I thought long and hard about listing Vanderbilt instead of Utah in my top twelve, but their schedules are comparable and Utah’s a much better team statistically speaking than Vandy is right now.
  • Team stats that impress me – Oklahoma and Alabama have yet to trail in a game this season and Missouri has not had a three and out on offense so far.


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2 responses to “My Mumme Poll ballot, week 6

  1. Sam

    Utah has a significantly better chance of remaining unbeaten than Vandy, but I feel their wins have been against better competition. I agree about their statistical differences, it is almost like Vandy is doing this with smoke and mirrors. Regardless, they deserve recognition and have acomplished it against better opponents, imo. Plus, their time is almost up and it may be the only time you will ever be able to vote Vandy into the Top 12 at this point in the season and feel it is supportable with facts.

    Bobby Johnson is going to be a rich man in the near future. Wonder how CMR’s son will like him?


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