Mumme Poll, Week 6

Seven schools appeared on all fifty nine ballots cast (one person didn’t show up this week), but thanks to the top five tiebreaker, there are no ties until you get down to tenth in the voting.

Twenty two teams received votes.  Here’s how it breaks down (top five votes):


1.  Oklahoma (59)

2.  LSU (53)

3.  Alabama (52)

4.  Missouri (51)

5.  Texas (41)

6.  Penn State (31)

7.  Southern Cal (4)

8.  Georgia

9.  Texas Tech

T10.  BYU

T10.  Florida

12.  Ohio State

13.  Vanderbilt

14.  Utah

15.  Oklahoma State

T16.  Boise State

T16.  Virginia Tech

18.  Kansas

T19.  Georgia Tech

T19.  Illinois

T19.  Michigan State

T19.  North Carolina



  • You can see where the gaps occur in the top five balloting.  As for the rest of the voting, there’s a modest drop in votes between Georgia and Texas Tech, a bigger drop from Florida/BYU to Ohio State and a big gap between Vandy and Utah.
  • The four teams tied for nineteenth each received one vote.
  • According to the information I was provided with, the vast majority of participants spent between 15 and 45 minutes putting their ballots together.
  • Alabama’s sloppy game against Kentucky lowered its standing with a number of voters.
  • Vanderbilt caused more soul searching than any other school – by far.
  • One very refreshing thing in reading everyone’s comments was noting a complete absence of angst over where teams were ranked in the preseason.
  • Most of us are Georgia fans, but we watch a lot of college football.
  • Second hardest thing voters struggled with:  the thought of putting two teams from Utah in the top twelve.
  • Most voters can’t wait for the Red River Shootout (or whatever they’re calling the Oklahoma-Texas game now).
  • Bloggers posting about their Mumme Poll votes:  Picture Me Rollin; Thinking Bulldog; The College Football Review; The Dawg-gone Blog.

From my vantage point, this looks like a successful start.  I don’t see where the results are any less credible than other polls I’ve seen – even Georgia sitting in eighth place isn’t really much of a stretch right now.  Let me hear what you think about it in the comments.


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3 responses to “Mumme Poll, Week 6

  1. The Dean

    Since I don’t have a (regular) blog, I wanted to use the comments to post my Mumme Poll and my comments, something I will endeavor to do each week:

    Penn State

    Boise State

    Time: 30 minutes

    Thoughts: There is an easy distinction in both quality and type of victories for three of my top five. Those three are clearly at the top right now, while two of them are still looking to post that significant win. Those two get that chance this weekend. Conversely, at least one of the teams in the ‘next’ group gets to prove they belong in the higher group. I basically held my nose to put both Boise State and BYU on the list, but there are no other teams right now I feel have a better statistical or w/l argument for placement on the list instead of them. Illinois is the third easiest choice on my ‘next’ list, with their two losses coming against top teams.

    Finally, there are easy groupings in my ‘next’ list:
    Texas: Win this week and move up. Lose close and stay here. Lose big and move off.
    UGA and Illinois with losses to best teams in the land.
    USC and Florida with losses last week to teams that lost this week.
    BYU and Boise State were previously discussed.

    Note about Vandy: The game this weekend merited consideration for movement onto my list and movement of LSU to the ‘next’ list. I am still not convinced the ‘Dores are the real deal with their offensive issues, but (at the very percieved risk of tempting karma) a win in two weeks in Athens would obviously change that.


  2. Wolfman


    Were those top 7 teams in the poll the only ones to receive “Top 5” votes? One of the teams in my top 5 didn’t have a parentheses next to it.


  3. No, I only use the top five votes to separate teams in the top five tied in total ballots.

    This week, there were three teams that received top five designations but didn’t appear on all 59 ballots.