Daily Archives: October 9, 2008

SEC roundup

Just a few things that caught my eye:

  • Former Gator quarterback Shane Matthews thinks the Florida passing game sucks.  Gainesville Sun beat writer Robbie Andreu thinks Shane Matthews sucks.  Who knows?  Maybe they’re both right.
  • So, SEC defensive coordinators, you think you know what you’re doing?  Ha!  UT offensive coordinator Dave Clawson, architect of the 97th ranked offense in the nation, sees your silly schemes for what they are:  “Those are probably schematically as basic and simple as I’ve seen in eight years…” Please quit wasting his time and provide him with a challenge, stat.
  • On the other hand, this computer projection doesn’t seem too impressed with Clawson.
  • As you might surmise, the firing of Auburn offensive coordinator Tony Franklin is drawing a fair amount of comment.  Finebaum – big surprise! – actually got in on the action early with this timely pre mortem.  Franklin gave a succinct summary of what happened:  “They told me to get lost.” Stewart Mandel senses the smell of panic.  And Chris Low says of Tuberville’s decision to stick with the spread, even though there isn’t a coach currently on the Auburn staff with any experience coaching the spread, “It doesn’t make a lot of sense. But given the way things have gone for Auburn’s offense this season, it’s probably par for the course.” Think anybody in orange and blue will be looking at the coach on the other sideline this weekend?  Think that coach will be looking back?


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