Let Tebow be Tebow.

This piece at Dr. Saturday neatly sums up why all that concern from the pundits about Florida needing a feature back to take some of the pressure off of the GPOOE™ missed the mark.

… Here’s the short answer: Urban Meyer needs to Free Tebow. Florida’s spread offense (like most semi-conventional offenses) consists of three major parts: running, passing, and run-action passing. You know the other parts of offenses, too: pass-action running (draws), pass-action passing (screens), and other constraint plays that keep defenses honest. In manageable down and distance situations, Urban Meyer wants to force the defense to simultaneously defend against a smash-mouth old-school (pre-Wishbone era) power running from a single-wing tailback and deep passing routes.

In other words, if you want to sell the offense, you have to sell Tebow as a running threat.

… Unfortunately, the extensive hand-wringing of a fan base and coaching staff handling of their prodigy at “quarterback” has caused them to limit the use of Tebow’s best formation and play package in a vain attempt to develop a “running threat besides Tim Tebow.” So you don’t see the “pure power” package very often, except on the goal line (see his short touchdown run in the above clips from ’06 LSU game, for example).

My guess is that in the wake of the loss to Ole Miss, Meyer is going to say screw it to the preseason wisdom and get back to what worked before.


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5 responses to “Let Tebow be Tebow.

  1. Only Tebow has the power to choose whether or not he wants to be Tebow.


  2. Ally

    Great. What the hell is it with teams wising up and deciding not to play crappy before they play us. First UT changes QBs, then Auburn goes back to emulating an SEC team, now the gaytors want to throw teblow back into the frying pan. Fantastic.


  3. Christian

    +1 Ally


  4. Robert

    Tebow + no designed QB runs = 9-4


  5. AceG8tr

    We’re comin’ for ya, baby. Be afraid. Be *very* afraid!

    And back to the discussion of 6 weeks ago–will your offense or our defense be more improved over last year?

    I rest my case.