Sometimes I feel so… uninspired.

For some reason, I haven’t had a good feeling about tomorrow’s game.  There hasn’t been the usual sense of energy surrounding a rivalry game for this one.  Let’s face it – the only good story of the week has been the discovery that Arian Foster is multi-lingual.

What I’m afraid of is that we’re going to see more of what we saw in the Alabama game from the defense and that Stephens is going to have… well, it’s kind of silly to call it a career day when it’ll only be his second start… a successful day throwing the ball because the Georgia secondary will give him the short pass.  Martinez will issue a statement afterwards that the defense just needs to continue to “keep working”.

That being said, I don’t sense a rout in the first half by any means because (1) Tennessee simply isn’t as good on offense as ‘Bama has been this year and (2) Southerland’s return at fullback is a big boost for the Georgia offense.  Georgia should be able to run the ball more effectively than Tennessee, but absent some UT turnovers, I suspect that the Vols are going to be able to stay in the game by throwing.  I look at that 13 point spread and shake my head.  I hope I’m being unduly pessimistic.



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  1. Christian

    +1 Senator. This game can’t come and go quick enough (obviously with a UGA win).

    Go Dawgs!!


  2. Doc

    Yeah, I saw th 13 pt spread and thought about putting my money on that not being covered…..probably a safer bet than an S&P index fund right now.


  3. Joe

    I think the big problem is that for our team and fanbase, this is no longer a rivalry. Ufk is on par with Scu in terms of program status, and we just have so many other “Big” games to worry about that this one keeps getting overlooked.

    I think we really just are not nearly as good this year as we thought we were and we are going to have to scratch and claw just to get a ‘W’ on Saturday.

    The strange thing about the pall that still hangs over Athens and the Bulldog nation is that all of our goals are right in front of us. We just have to get over the Bama game and play lights out the rest of the way. A win on Saturday and we will be up to at least number 8 in the polls. This is where our tough schedule begins to pay dividends.


  4. Richt-Flair

    UT’s beaten us the last two years by lots. I’ll take a 1-point win with a smile as wide as Fulmer’s waistline.


  5. I think people are worried about the injury situation. It is like the axe of doom hangs over our team and we just hold our breath to find out who goes down next. We aren’t the same team as we expected to be with Sturdivant, Owens and Ellerbe missing from the line-up. But, we still have enough hosses to win this game.

    I am glad that I am worried about this game. I wasn’t worried at all last year and that didn’t work out too well. This game portends to be an ugly, closer-than-it-should-be game. If it is a win, we’ll take it. Still, in the back of my mind, I know this team is capable of an explosive outing and it will happen sooner or later. Or, hopefully, sooner and later.


  6. They suck. We don’t. We’ll win.


  7. Auditdawg

    To me, all the vibe for this game flew out the window with about 8 minutes left in the first half of the Alabama game. That first half completely shell shocked me and I don’t think I’m completely over it yet. I think that was such a huge letdown because many of us thought this year was the best chance for an undefeated season under the Richt era that it was like getting punched in the stomach without seeing who did it, getting back up, and being punched in the stomach again. I had uneasy feelings about going undefeated, but I think the manner in which we went down just sucked all the air out of the program.


  8. Darryl Strawberry


    With posts like this you might be called a fairweather fan!

    I completely agree with you. This game could be a back breaker.


  9. ArchDawg

    Yeah, the Alabama game sucked a lot of energy out of the season–not necessarily because we lost, as stated above, but in the manner in which it was done. Many of us thought we would lose, but not in such a fashion. Until that game is fully behind us with a win tomorrow–and hopefully a beatdown (but prob. not likely)–then that bad first half still lingers large.


  10. Brandon

    Have you seen this Senator?

    Pretty embarassing. Although I hear that one time the Persians captured a Roman General, dressed him up like a woman, paraded him through the streets and poured melted gold down his throat because he was so wealthy. At least its not that bad.


  11. dean

    I’m taking a pessimistic approach to this game as well. I was encouraged from what I saw in the second half of the UA game regardless of whether or not we were playing against their 2nd team the guys showed some fire, intensity, fight and heart. The question is will it carry on into this game?

    If we play to win instead of not to lose we should win comfortably. We really need to get up on them quick and make them play catch up because if we let hang around and stay in the game it could go either way.

    Hopefully CWM is smart enough to know that UT (as well as most teams remaining on our schedule) will try to do the same thing UA did and has worked on improving this during the bye week. I wouldn’t bet on it but maybe, just maybe.


  12. Sam

    I am usually a cautious Dawg and not one to call for a big victory over SEC opponents so it is surprising to find myself on the other side of this fence for the TN game. Let me first say, I know anything can happen on any given Saturday so I fully recognize that TN could beat us. If they could possibly beat us of course it could be close.

    Those qualifiers aside, I feel we will roll on Saturday. I give great credence to bye weeks at thos time of the year. Not only do you have time to heal, I feel the psychological focus is sharpened after you have a few games of film to show young teams. We saw it last year with CMR, and I think we see it again. Our players also have had time to gain a perspective on the Bama loss and realize their dreams/goals of an SEC title are very much alive. CMR and staff will have sharpened their focus and tweaked the schemes for the players bsed on what has been learned from the first five games.

    I also have to remind everyone, Tennessee is a bad team. Not a one game bad team, but bad every outing they have had. Yes, they have some SEC talent and an experienced line, but they are look lost in space with their new coordinator and I see no reason their offense will magically begin to click this Saturday. Because of that weakness the strength of their team, the defense, will wear down as they will have to be on the field too much to hold UGA off for 4 quarters. So while they will play with desperation again to save their season and their lousy coach, in the end UGA is just a better team. UGA wins by more than the 2 TD spread on Saturday.


  13. Robert

    I want to see us come out and execute.

    The Alabama game was a wake-up call.

    I’m sure every player on the team had a reality check two weeks ago. They need to come out with the fire they came out with in the second half of the Bama game. If Coach Richt has to tell them they are down by 31 starting the first quarter, so be it.

    Keep your heads up Dawgs. We are better than we showed against Bama.

    This game is a perfect opportunity for the players as well as the fans to be extra amped, extra loud, and extra focused.

    Play with heart, play with fire Dawgs.

    Beat the Vols. Beat them bad.



  14. mykiesee

    Two weeks to prepare for TN. If we don’t win by at least 21 we’re nowhere as good as everyone thought we were.

    I think the pain from the Alabama loss is quietly festering in the minds of the players and that they will let all of that anger out come Saturday on the field.

    I wouldn’t be surprised if we win by 40.


  15. Hunkering Hank

    I believe the DAWGS were overhyped, thinking about the crowd and running around in their black uni’s against Bama. Consequence: Georgia got its ass kicked. This week, I think it’s good that things have been quiet and UT is just showing up with its lousy fan base.


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  17. Ally

    I can’t believe what I’m reading here guys. Yeah, I still have that bad aftertaste in my mouth from witnessing the beating in Sanford 2 weeks ago. But, I have news for you…. UT ain’t Bama. Not by a longshot.

    The real puzzling thing to me is the continual statements that our players don’t seem exicted, amped, motivated. Where are y’all getting this from? What, you’re relying on reporters who see tiny portions of only a few practices a week? Are you relying on quotes given by a select few players who are COACHED HOW TO SPEAK TO THE MEDIA? Or do y’all have some inside sources with the team? Seriously, if you do please tell me – otherwise I just don’t get all the gloomy talk.

    I’m not about to presume the same team who had their asses handed to ’em by Bama last week is ready to play flat Saturday. They know their goals are intact – they’re not stupid & they’re certainly not used to losing. I also have to presume that this team remembers what UcheaT did to them last year & how that loss not only knocked us out of an SEC East title (and championship) but also a shot at the mnc. There’s been NO evidence that I’ve seen to suggest that there’s a lack of energy or focus coming into this game. If I’m wrong – show me.

    Is it possible that things are quiet for a reason? Is it possible that CMR & our players learned to keep their mouths shut & go to work? Because that is precisely what he’s said all this week. Is it possible that this perceived lack of energy and/or excitement from the team is simply a case of us not knowing what’s really going on behind the scenes?

    Look, all I’m saying is that I don’t see us dropping trou & handing UT the switch with which to whoop us. And i’m not daydreaming of rainbows & puppies, I just don’t think a bunch of journalists have a clue about what’s in the minds & hearts of our players.

    The whole sucking the air out of the season, doomsday attitude crap isn’t coming from the players – its coming from media & fans. And that’s just sad so early in the season.

    GO DAWGS!!!!

    *disclaimer: if willie drops another turd like he did last year I’ll fall in line with the rest of you pessimists & lead the charge to run him out of athens. I know where he lives – seriously, I do 😉


  18. **Whew!**

    Ally, I wasn’t predicting a Georgia loss. I am having a hard time seeing the Dawgs cover the spread, though.

    My point this week has simply been that if Georgia comes out in that soft zone, it’s the one thing that will play into UT’s hand and gives the Vols the best chance of staying in the game.


  19. Ally

    A) Never said you were predicting a loss, but you did say this:

    “For some reason, I haven’t had a good feeling about tomorrow’s game. There hasn’t been the usual sense of energy surrounding a rivalry game for this one.”

    If you’ll notice, that was what I was referring.

    B) I was also referring to the doom & gloom comments within the thread – not just your comments.


  20. I’m up for this game and don’t understand why you wouldn’t be. The Vols have humiliated us for the last two years, once in our house. Come on, if you can’t get up for this game then you just can’t get up.


  21. No Mas Martinez

    Don’t you worry bout me, we’ll work harder to get butter.

    I’ve got UT figured out after they’ve scored 81 on me.

    A UT Fan fingerfuckd my cat so I’ll have no mercy!


  22. kckd

    A few things:

    1. If buzz had anything to do with how we’re gonna play, ,we’d beat the crap out of Bama two weeks ago.

    2. No matter what the fans think or what energy they have. We’ve lost to this team by a bunch two years in a row. Last year, the majority of the players who were playing weren’t starters the year before. This year, it’s most of the same players who were embarrassed last year. They should bring it, even if only five people show up to the game.

    3. If we get out early and score. The crowd will be there.

    4. Could we lose? Yeah, but let’s face it. If we lose to this team we aren’t conference champion material anyway. Hopefully we go out and make a statement.


  23. Sam

    I feel UGA has a solid DC in Coach Martinez. Not only is it easy to defend his record but it is easy to desire a spot on the other side of the fence from the type of fans who like to attack him in such low class ways. Stay classy haters, you may be the one reason CMR doesn’t stay at UGA for another 10 years.

    The internet clearly provides a forum for those unable to be heard otherwise because their station in life is at the bottom of the food chain.


  24. NCT

    UT game aside, Senator, can you possibly be as old as I am? Hell, Traffic was well before even my time. But I dig the reference.


  25. If Traffic was before you’re time, I’m afraid I’m older than you. But kudos for catching the reference.