Today’s ACC: the soft bigotry of low expectations

I got an e-mail from Holly Anderson alerting me to this post about the unexpected rise of Georgia Tech by “Intern Parrish” (of whom we are assured that he’s not a Tech man) over at The Big Lead .

Holly pointed out the comment near the end of his post about Georgia struggling against the run, which may in fact be tongue in cheek, given that the Dawgs are currently ranked fourth nationally in rushing defense – although I hope they’re not using Intern Parrish to do any fact checking over at The Big Lead, since he was off by a mere 39 spots in describing Tech’s ranking in that same category – but that’s not the part of his post that got my attention.

Here’s what he had to say about the Jackets’ chances to appear in the ACCCG this season:

If Tech can get to eight wins, it could be good enough for a trip to Tampa…

Dayum!  Eight whole wins gets you to the championship game?  What is this, the MAC?

That’s one helluva conference you got there, fellahs.


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5 responses to “Today’s ACC: the soft bigotry of low expectations

  1. Ally

    If only 8 wins gets you in, then fear not Climpsun fans your dreams are still alive!!


  2. Bobby

    correct me if i’m wrong,………but didn’ a 9 win team in the almighty sec get into the championship last year??????????? ohh yeah and one of the almighty sec east division leader’s loss came to the great california! soooo know your own conferance before u talk crap about another!


  3. NM

    Current Coastal division leader: lost to East Carolina
    Coastal 2nd place team: beat Gardner-Webb by 3

    SEC: 2 BCS bowl wins last year (and the year before…)
    ACC: 1 BCS bowl win ever, against a current ACC member

    I won’t go on…


  4. JasonC

    GW did a great job of shutting down Tech’s run game. Maybe that is because they see more of the option at the lower level (Div 1A, Div II?).

    While I think the SEC is better than the ACC (which isn’t saying much), I definitely think the SEC is down this year and it will continue to show as the season wears on. We have a lot of pretty good teams, but no elite teams.


  5. ArchDawg

    Didn’t Florida State win the ACC with 7 wins in 2005?