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Dear Dave Clawson,

About that whole bit about SEC defenses being “… probably schematically as basic and simple as I’ve seen in eight years…”?

Perhaps you should take a look in the mirror, sir.




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A thing of beauty is a joy forever.

If anyone bothers to compile a list of the ten most boring games of the season, the Vandy-MSU game will merit some serious consideration.

118 offensive plays generated a total of 354 yards.  That’s an average of three yards per play.  Factor in another 120 yards in penalties, and you’ve got some real fireworks.

As an aside, I would be remiss in neglecting to point out that this one probably deserves a place on that list too, if only because there were actually more punts in that game than in the one in Starkeville.


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Not this year, thanks.

Butch Davis, a grateful nation says thank you.  I wasn’t ready to hear about the Irish being back (and being BCS contenders) with that joke of a schedule.

Not that Charlie Weis won’t try to sell that story, anyway.

“I told them it’s a different team than I’ve seen in the last year and change,” Notre Dame coach Charlie Weis said. “That team in there today expected to win. They didn’t come here hoping to win. … The reason they feel really bad is because they’re starting to get it. This is not the same team that everyone saw at the beginning of the year.”


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Just how low can things go for Auburn?  It’s hard to say, but yesterday has to be pretty staggering.

… Arkansas had lost its last three games by a collective 139-31. The 19-point underdogs outgained Auburn 416-193 in the return of former Tigers offensive coordinator Bobby Petrino as Razorbacks coach.

That sums it up neatly, doesn’t it?  No offense, which was expected.  No defense, which wasn’t.  And an embarrassing loss to a team that’s been the worst in the SEC, coached by a guy who lied about being ready to stick the knife in ol’ Tubby’s back.

… It has gotten bad enough Tuberville even found himself answering a question about his job security in the postgame news conference.

My guess is that’s not the only place that question is being raised right now.

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Mr. Wagers? Hi, I’m Mohamed Massaquoi. I play wide receiver.

The explanation as to why Georgia wasn’t awarded a first down on the defensive holding call in the first half boggles my mind.

The officiating crew led by head referee Penn Wagers, botched a defensive holding call in the first half. Mohamed Massaquoi drew a defensive holding penalty in the end zone, but the crew failed to award a first down. Richt blamed himself for not questioning the call more vigorously because he was unsure of the rule. Automatic first downs are only awarded for holds against eligible receivers and the referees were confused about whether Massaquoi, who wears jersey No. 1, was an eligible receiver…

Pardon my French, but you’ve got to be shitting me.  The guy’s a senior.  Last year, he burned Florida on an 84 yard TD reception in a game that these same clowns officiated.  And they can’t recall whether he’s an eligible receiver?

Let’s hope that Wagers and Company aren’t making a return trip to this year’s WLOCP.  Between Massaquoi and Percy Harvin, they could have some real problems with defensive holding calls.  Sheesh.


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