Just how low can things go for Auburn?  It’s hard to say, but yesterday has to be pretty staggering.

… Arkansas had lost its last three games by a collective 139-31. The 19-point underdogs outgained Auburn 416-193 in the return of former Tigers offensive coordinator Bobby Petrino as Razorbacks coach.

That sums it up neatly, doesn’t it?  No offense, which was expected.  No defense, which wasn’t.  And an embarrassing loss to a team that’s been the worst in the SEC, coached by a guy who lied about being ready to stick the knife in ol’ Tubby’s back.

… It has gotten bad enough Tuberville even found himself answering a question about his job security in the postgame news conference.

My guess is that’s not the only place that question is being raised right now.


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  1. NebraskaDawg

    If Allbarn wants to be a winner, they are going to have to go back to the pro style offense and start smashing the ball down peoples throats again. Let’s hope they don’t figure that out anytime soon.