Brother, can you spare a Bowden?

It’s being reported that another Bowden is out of a coaching job.

Tommy Bowden, midway through his 10th season as the head coach of the Clemson University football team, has been fired.

Assistant head coach Dabo Swinney will take over the team for the remainder of the team’s season.

At least Mama Bowden won’t have to agonize over the Clemmins-FSU game this year.

And one more thought:  how does Vanderbilt, of all places, handle the distraction of in season speculation about another school’s head coaching search that will have Bobby Johnson as a likely target?


UPDATE: It’s good to know that Bowden leaves behind one huge fan in the wake of his firing.

ESPN reported that the team was informed of Bowden’s firing this morning, and quoted quarterback Cullen Harper as saying the dismissal was “deserved.” Harper was demoted from starting quarterback this weekend.

“It’s what he deserved,” Harper, who was benched after the Tigers’ loss to Wake Forest loss and replaced by highly regarded sophomore Willy Korn, told ESPN…



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17 responses to “Brother, can you spare a Bowden?

  1. Ally

    It means nothing if they let that joke of an OC (Rob Spence) hang around. He’s just as pathetic & responsible for their craptacular season as Tammy.

    Damn – this really darkens my day. There’s nothing better than watching Climpsun wet the bed every week.


  2. dean

    Ally’s absolutely correct about Rob Spence. His play calling has been too predictable.

    Just like with any firing, Bowden got himself fired. If he couldn’t see this coming then he’s a bigger idiot than he seems.

    Wonder how that last minute switcharoo is working out for Dewayne Allen now?


  3. Ally

    I don’t know, but I bet AJ Harmon is laughing his ass off right now…..


  4. Wolfman

    Clempson will only search for coaches that talk like Danny Ford. That’s why they ran Ken Hatfield outta town some years ago. So, in my estimation, Bobby Johnson’s off their list. Maybe Joe Lee Dunn or Houston Nutt — they might understand those guys.


  5. dean

    Unfortunately Richard Petty doesn’t coach football and Houston Nutt talks too fast for Clem[p]son folk.

    +1 Ally.


  6. NebraskaDawg

    If I’m looking for a new coach I’m looking at Bronco Mendenhall at BYU, Bobby Johnson, or Phil Fulmer ….oops he hasn’t been fired yet.


  7. Christian

    I agree with most: Muschamp, Kiffin, Johnson and I’d add Brian Kelly from U Cinn. I think he’s a tremendous football coach waiting for the right job to come open.


  8. NM

    Nutt? Since the Hogs supposedly wanted Tommy (leading to a bigger deal at CU… oops!), I guess it’s too bad Clemson and Arky couldn’t have worked out some sort of trade last year…

    Then again, things worked out OK — Arkansas under The Nomad sucks, but still beat Auburn, and the Falcons are much improved. Win-win-win!


  9. UgaMatt

    Does anyone doubt that Clemson will screw the hire up? Delusional fans, outdated facilities, not much instate talent, surrounded by SEC schools with more tradition, more money and better facilities–it’s really not a great job. Despite all of the “Auburn with a lake” jokes, that’s really not a good comparison. I don’t think there’s anyway Tubs would view leaving to go to Clemson as anything but a step down. Paul Johnson and his hick ways would have been perfect for them, but here’s guessing they’ll go after the guy at App. State.


  10. Robert

    I wonder if Bobby Petrino is tired of Arkansas yet…


  11. Ally

    I don’t know, Matt I disagree. If the lamecocks had the cajones to go after Spurrier, Climpsun will go after a big name to match too. There is a reason they fired him now instead of waiting around for the coaching carousel to start spinning. Its been too long of a drought of championships in tigertown. I see them going after a PROVEN winner, not an up-and-comer or a “good coach.” I think this time the only way they settle the restless natives of IPTAY (and it is really bad since they stole UGA’s idea of how to rape season ticket holders) is to bring in a coach with a winning resume of smash-mouth, southern style football.


  12. Ally

    And, wow – I am not impressed with Cullen’s mouth to the press. Regardless of whether it’s true or not, now he just looks like a spoiled brat & sore loser. That will come back to bite him. Not smart.


  13. Doc

    IPTAY–I Pay Ten Atheletes Yearly


  14. Doc

    whoops Athletes


  15. Doc

    I’m actually Clemson Alum (don’t tell anybody) and pretty much everyone there thinks Bowden is a good person but needed to be replaced. Problem was they would give him an impossible task like win the 6 games or be fired and he would somehow pull it off. Another problem of his was being too loyal to his assistants. Then one year those pictures of his daughter came out and he got a contract extension…..come to think of it I got an, well I better not go there but they were nice.


  16. PauldingDawg

    I wonder how this guy feels? He’d probably be getting some playing time right about now.


  17. Let me stress that I have absolutely nothing factual as a basis for this, but for some reason I have a weird feeling that Tuberville winds up trading one orange shirt for another.