Stacy Searels has got it goin’ on.

He’s all I want in an offensive line coach.

Chris Low agrees with me.

If Georgia manages to win the Eastern Division title and get to Atlanta this season, it will be one of the all-time great juggling jobs by offensive line coach Stacy Searels and the Bulldogs’ staff.

The cast of thousands the offensive line has given up only eight sacks through six games, which is nothing short of miraculous.



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9 responses to “Stacy Searels has got it goin’ on.

  1. The man knows his craft. And he knows how to motivate. I don’t care that he apparently despises the media. Just keep working your magic, coach.

    Sooner or later our pups will be grown up beasts with many starts under their belts. And we will be awesome along the O-line. And they will only be juniors and sophomores!


  2. NebraskaDawg

    In my compare and contrast feature, If Stacy Searels had the offensive line talent that Tennessee has just think what we could do versus what little Fulmer gets out of the same bunch.


  3. Hobnail_Boot

    No doubt, Searels has done a remarkable job thusfar.

    What’s baffling to me is that this young OL seems to be better at pass protection than run blocking. Isn’t that the inverse of how most OL’s operate?


  4. dean

    I’ve always heard run blocking is more difficult because, for the most part, you have to physically move a player to create a hole. Pass protection you just have to slow them down for a few seconds. You still have to pick up blitzes and stunts but, again, just get in their way. But never having done it I really don’t know which would be harder. It probably depends on the player as well.

    If we win the East and the SEC, CSS deserves to be the highest paid assistant coach on the staff. To accomplish that with all the injuries and youth would be the real miracle. Even if we don’t he’s still done a hell of a job.


  5. Ally

    Now that Rob Spence has been fired, lets just hope Aubarn & Climpsun don’t make him an offer he can’t refuse.

    And Dean, I concur – he is and has been our most valuable coach next to CMR, imo. Can’t wait to see what he does with a line of healthy, Juniors & Seniors.


  6. Ben S

    If that scenario plays out, CSS and our linemen deserve some sort of memorable honorary title a la the “Hogs.” I’m thinking, “ManBearPig and the Hogzillas.”


  7. Robert

    Coach Searels was a steal from LSU.

    The Dawgs O-line finally has been playing with real aggression, even if they are young and inexperienced.

    Just think about 2 or 3 years from now when Murray or Mettenberger have an experienced line in front of them and all day to throw.



  8. kckd

    Matthew deserves a little credit for that sack stat.