Mumme Poll, Week 7

We lost three more voters this week.  I’m hoping that’s not a trend.

I thought that with all the losses at the top we’d see a greater number of schools receive votes this week, but that wasn’t the case.  Here’s how things stand now (top five votes in parenthesis):


1.    Texas (56)

2.    Alabama (54)

2.    Penn State (54)

4.    Oklahoma (34)

5.    Southern Cal (22)

6.    Florida

6.    Georgia

8.    Oklahoma State

9.    Texas Tech

10.  Missouri

11.  BYU

12.  Ohio State

13.  LSU

14.  Utah

15.  Boise State

16.  Michigan State

17.  Virginia Tech

18.  Kansas

18.  North Carolina

20.  Tulsa



  • The tie at 6 is a little misleading.  Florida actually received more top five votes than Southern Cal did, but one voter left the Gators off his ballot.  Georgia got a few top five votes, but nowhere near the number that Florida did.
  • To answer your next question, here’s the list of schools that received top five votes, but did not appear on all of the ballots:  Texas Tech, BYU, Florida, Georgia, Oklahoma State, LSU (!) and Boise State.
  • The average time spent on the ballots this week was similar to last week.  Almost everyone took 20-45 minutes to construct their votes.
  • Biggest nose-holders this week:  Texas Tech in general, Florida in the top five.
  • Lots of you struggled with that twelfth team this week.  For that matter, lots of you struggled with the fifth team this week.
  • Probably because of that, I had a lot of appreciative comments about how much easier it is to put together a ballot by groupings like we do, as opposed to individually ranking the teams.  (Personally speaking, I agree.)
  • It’s pretty amazing to see no votes cast for any team in a BCS conference.  Way to go, Big East.
  • It’s funny how many of you thought your vote for Oklahoma to remain in the top five would be unusual.  As you can see from the final results, each of you had a lot of company.
  • Blogs that posted about the Mumme Poll:  The Connecticut Yankee; A Bulldog in Exile; The College Football Review; Picture Me Rollin; Lucid Idiocy (nice Groucho Marx vibe, by the way).


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11 responses to “Mumme Poll, Week 7

  1. Kevin

    Why am I the only one who doesnt think that USC is not a top ten team? I don’t get it. Has anybody else been watching their games or just watching scores? Did no one lse see the 3 interceptions last week? Did no one notice they lost to Oregon freakin State? BYU, Florida, Georgia, Missouri, and even LSU would mop the floor with them and even if you don’t agree, you have to admit that three of the four that lost, lost to a better team than Oregon State. Wake up voters and lose your love affair with USC!!!


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  4. Hobnail_Boot

    I didn’t vote for LSU.

    That’s what happens after your best win of the season (@ Auburn) gets worse every week, and you struggled to put away MSU at home, then you go lay a huge egg.

    I had no problem keeping LSU near the top as long as they were undefeated, simply based off of their talent level and their title last year. However, they got exposed bigtime against the only good team they’ve played so far. That game in Gainesville said a lot more about LSU than it did about UF.

    Most people are overreacting in the wrong direction by moving UF too high for doing what they should – win at home and step on the throat of an overmatched opponent.


  5. NM

    Kevin: I put USC in my top five. You can’t look at just who a team loses to — unless you want to rank LSU over Florida (which lost to Ole Miss!), for example. I look at the team’s whole resume.

    So to compare, say, USC and Georgia. USC has four very impressive wins — they’ve won in blowouts over decent, good, and very good BCS teams. I have watched some of their games, not just the scores, including one in person.

    Now let’s look at Georgia’s five wins. Two dominations of BCS opponents (including one common opponent with USC, which USC beat worse; and the UT game, which was still in doubt late), two blowouts of non-BCS teams (incl. a I-AA), and nearly losing to South Carolina. So I think USC should be ranked equal or higher, right now, even though I hope that changes.

    Mizzou has one decent win (Ill.) and BYU has played a weak schedule. I did (reluctantly) rank UF in my top five. And LSU looked helpless on Sat., like UGA did against Bama, so neither of them is in my top five due to that.

    I think that right now, there are very few “excellent” teams this season. USC makes the top five because I can’t find five teams to put ahead of them at this point.


  6. Ally

    Fyi, Hamp at hunker down dawg blog posted his mumme ballot too.


  7. watcher16

    If you find you’re losing people I’d be glad to step in for someone.


  8. Sam

    NM, I also put USC in my Top 5 but feel differently about them than you do. They are basically a “placeholder” in my Top 5 until one of the one loss powers (OU, UGA, FLA, LSU, Mizzou, etc.) gets a big win to separate themselves. USC is virtually helpless to hold their place since they have no quality opponents with which to prove themselves to be better than their current status so they will be passed until that/those teams lose a second game.

    There is no way a one loss USC team, with that loss being to Oregon State, can have a body of work more impressive than the others teams simply because the others must win3-5 quality games. I also do not see USC’s victory over ASU as any more impressive than UGA’s. UGA had more yards, gave up fewer yards, played on the road, and played ASU when Rudy Carpenter was healthy. Richt also chose (along with a TRUE 12th man advantage for ASU) to put up fewer points at the end of the game thus muddying the scoring comparison. If UGA beats LSU, UF, KY, and AU away from home (doubt they can do all of those), how can they not be ahead of USC in later polls regardless of what USC does? Same would be true of Florida, LSU, and OU if they can win out. In either case, USC has to be dropped out of the Top 5 in my mind.

    Still very early as so many things will change with more conference matchups are on the horizon. I agree you have to look at the entire body of work, and tend to lean towards excusing one Saturday if other factors are equal. Just harder to excuse a loss to Ore State compared to one to Bama, or Texas, or FLA, or even Oklahoma State. Keeping my options open though because many of the one loss teams have problems ahead….and so do most of the undefeateds. I start with a clean slate every Sunday as look at the season to date and submit my ballot.


  9. NM

    I don’t think we disagree much, Sam. At the end of the year, I would/will take a one-loss SEC team over USC, no doubt. It’s just that right now, the quality wins aren’t in yet.

    (I admit I did not pay very much attention to the USC-Ariz St game, so I apologize if I misrepresented it. It wouldn’t have changed my vote, though.)

    I do think USC *might* be the “best” team in the country, but I agree — that Oregon St. loss will be nearly impossible to overcome without help, especially with Ohio State not looking so hot.


  10. I appreciate the offer, watcher, but I can’t add people in at this point.

    I’m just hoping everyone that’s still in stays that way through the rest of the season.


  11. Sam

    I agree NM, USC might well be the best, and would probably be favored in an 8 team playoff involving conference champions. I am still convinced there is much blood to be shed in the coming match-ups of power teams in the Big 12 and SEC and hate that USC isn’t involved in any “big” games the rest of the year. It isn’t USC’s fault that the PAC 10 doesn’t provide those type of matchups, but it makes the strongest case for why we need the playoff to insure all teams are challenged.