The Vols aren’t hot, but their fan base is.

This is too good to post as a mere quote of the day.  From Chris Low’s blog at

Tennessee’s running game: Geez, 1 yard in 15 rushing attempts? I understand there was some sack yardage computed into that total last Saturday in the 26-14 loss to Georgia. But as one livid Vols’ donor told me this week, “I could fall over and get a [expletive] yard.”


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4 responses to “The Vols aren’t hot, but their fan base is.

  1. truck

    That stat makes me feel tingly all under.


  2. Christian

    +1 “livid Vols donor”


  3. NebraskaDawg

    There was only 2 sacks so not much negative yardage there, great quote though.


  4. Sam

    The scoreboard doesn’t reflect just how dominating UGA was in the game so I can see why some of the boosters are upset. I feel TN brought all they had given their desperate status (we seem to get them at that stage every year), but they were whipped every way they turned. No one, including Florida, manhandled them like UGA did. Would have loved to see a 45-14 score, but can be happy knowing that we took their best shot and owned them in every way possible.

    I know everyone knows the significant facts of what we did statistically, and how we left about 20 points on the field, but did anyone think we were capable of controlling both lines as well as we did? I have heard that 11 minute drive, 17 play drive was the 2nd longest in SEC history, and we did it with a patched up OL when they knew we were going to run it to burn time off the clock. That may become the defining moment in this season IF it is an indicator of where this young line is now. I think we are somewhere between the first four games and how we looked in the 4th Qtr. Saturday. TN was a tired defense by then, but no sacks prior is encouraging (and may also be having BS back at FB.) We will need this OL to be totally gelled by the time we go to Red Stick.