Writing checks with your mouth that your butt can’t cash.

There’s something eerily reminiscent about this quote from Tommy Bowden:

Axed Clemson coach Tommy Bowden sealed his own fate five months before the season even started.

In an interview last spring, Bowden told me — as he did others — that “on paper, since I’ve been at Clemson, this [season] is my best opportunity” to win the school’s first ACC title since 1991.

What is it?… I can’t quite put my finger on it… oh, yeah.

Summer 2000: Donnan, speaking at a Bulldog Touchdown Club Meeting, makes the most infamous statement of his career: “I’ve been waiting 55 years to be the head coach of a football team that has this much potential, and I guarantee you that we’re going to get it done.”


UPDATE: Why in God’s name would Rich Rodriguez’ agent feel the need to deny that his client has any interest in the Clemmins job?


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11 responses to “Writing checks with your mouth that your butt can’t cash.

  1. UgaMatt

    When I read that quote from Bowden, that Donnan blunder was the first thing I thought of. I’m glad those days are over and that Donnan has been reincarnated and is now coaching at Tech.


  2. Christian

    “The enemy of great…is good”

    True for UGA in 2000 and true for Clemp-scum in 2008.

    FYI- I was there at Colony Square for that meeting and to hear “Tater Chip” make that comment. We called him “Tater Chip” because of those wonderfully awkward Golden Flake Potato Chip commercials CJD used to do. I really do wonder what would have happened if CJD would have stayed around.


  3. NebraskaDawg

    I here Petrino is already denying interest right before he steps to the podium to accept the job.


  4. Dawg93

    Why does that article re: RichRod denying interest in the Clemson job say that he’s a Clemson grad? He went to W. Va.

    Unless he got a graduate degree there at some point?


  5. peacedog

    Rich Rod was developing his offense while an OC for Clemson (briefly, at the turn of the decade). So I guess that’s why his agent did that. But who knows.


  6. Ally

    Climpsun faithful would love to have Rich Rod & his name is already floating around as a possibility – not kidding.

    Bill Cowher is the prime target from what I’m hearing though. His little stunt on tv the other day has just fueld the tongue wagging.


  7. Either would be interesting, seeing as the scuttlebutt is that Clemmins can’t afford to pay more than $2 million/year to a new coach due to the size of Tommy’s buyout.


  8. C - Dawg

    I hear that Saban is showing interest. …… So he can get a raise from that nut job bammer nation. And they will probably give him one !!!


  9. “Why in God’s name would Rich Rodriguez’ agent feel the need to deny that his client has any interest in the Clemmins job?”

    Probably because a reporter called him and asked.


  10. Mockery and sarcasm over the question would have served just as well. Maybe better, now that I think about it.


  11. NM

    “Coach Rodriguez has the best job in college football,” Brown said. …

    “At least unless USC calls. Or Miami. Or Notre Dame. And don’t get me started on the NFL — do you know what 10% of those guys’ salary is? Hell, I’ll ship Rich out to Oakland if Ol’ Man Davis ponies up. Say, you guys don’t have his cell number, do you?…

    “Oh and before I go, we’re definitely NOT flying down to Auburn this week. No, not happening, of course not.”