Las Vegas Sports Consultants Top 30, Week 7

Well, one thing jumped out at me right off the bat with this week’s rankings from the book.  Georgia moves up to #7 after beating the Vols.  Check out who follows at #8.

LVSC Rank Team Rating Previous Rank Notes
1 Southern Cal 113.2 2 Look who’s back on top.
2 Texas 111.5 4 Colt and company score immense win.
3 Florida 111.1 5 Revenge is sweet……Tigers got sunk.
4 Oklahoma 110.9 1 Long day for Sooners D.
5 Penn State 109.6 6 Host Michigan then showdown at Ohio St.
6 Missouri 108.6 3 Get chased from title picture.
7 Georgia 107.8 9 Bulldogs easily dispense of Tennessee.
8 Alabama 107.5 7 Rebels pay a visit this week.
9 Texas Tech 106.6 8 Red Raiders dodge a bullet in overtime.
10 Ohio State 106.1 10 Not dead just yet.
11 Brigham Young 105.6 12 Snow was a bigger obstacle last week.
12 LSU 105.0 11 Still have time to rebound.
13 Oklahoma State 104.9 15 Cowboys have been in this poll from Day 1.
13 California 104.9 13 Rested for visit to Arizona.
15 Kansas 104.5 14 Solid performance against Colorado.
16 Texas Christian 102.4 16 Nearly rolled over versus Rams.
17 Utah 102.2 18 Blowout win over Wyoming.
18 South Carolina 102.0 24 Score road win at Kentucky.
19 West Virginia 101.7 17 Escape with win over lowly Syracuse.
20 Boise State 101.6 23 Post solid road win at So. Miss.
21 Oregon 101.5 NR Musical QB’s get Ducks back in the game.
22 Michigan State 101.2 30 Spartans knock off unbeaten Northwestern.
23 Virginia Tech 101.0 24 Tough test upcoming against Eagles.
23 South Florida 101.0 24 Cupcake should get them back on track.
25 Boston College 100.9 28 Both BC and Virginia Tech off bye week.
26 Arizona 100.8 21 Outsmarted by Stanford.
27 Tulsa 100.6 22 Got away with one against SMU
28 Oregon State 100.5 NR Still worthy after USC win.
28 North Carolina 100.5 NR Tar Heels wear down Irish.
30 Cincinnati 100.0 29 Bears barely got by Rutgers.

Oklahoma State didn’t get much of a bounce from the money boys after its big win.  And Texas behind USC… interesting.



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2 responses to “Las Vegas Sports Consultants Top 30, Week 7

  1. Munson's_call

    I was looking at this poll yesterday wondering how in the hell they have Bama below Georgia. Mind blowing.

    Also, how do they have a USC team that lost to a team with a losing record above an undefeated Texas? Or even sniffing #1 for that matter? At a minimum USC should be below Bama, PSU and Oklahoma whose one loss is to an undefeated team.

    Is THIS the poll/rankings Cowherd is always raving about because they don’t overreact to one loss or one win? Great. I am all for that but this loses all credibility for me when I see Bama below a team they soundly beat and USC #1.


  2. Sam

    This is the same poll Cowherd refers to. What I like about the poll is it is unconventional and does not follow the “party line” other polls adhere to which is partially why you are asking the questions you are. They don’t care about the “lightening bolt” games where weird things happen, but everyone knows they defy all logic

    What I would caution you about though is this is Vegas and they may have ulterior motives. The betting line isn’t a prediction of the game but a balance of how the money is wagered. Some teams have bigger followings than others, both numerically and how much they wager on games. It may serve their interest to represent certain teams a particular way to influence bets. They have the same top teams as most polls, the rank order doesn’t matter a lot to me.