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The latest from The Wizard of Odds:

Ninety-nine of the 119 Division I-A teams have lost plays compared to last year, according to data compiled by Marty Couvillion of

The 40/25 clock rules instituted for 2008 have helped cut 13 minutes off the average game from 2007, but the average number of plays lost is 8.8 through seven weeks of play…

No conclusion is drawn as to what common thread there may be for the teams that have increased their number of plays from last season to this one, but I’d be curious to find out how the offenses that typically come up to the line, review the defensive set and then step back to receive final instructions from the sidelines/coaches box have fared.


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  1. dean

    WOW! 9 plays per game. That’s way more than I would have thought. I’m surprised more teams haven’t gone to a hurry up offense. I’m also surprised there hasn’t been more upheaval from coaches. That’s a lot of darn plays.

    I would have to guess that this reduction in plays is due mainly to the clock not stopping when a player is out of bounds versus the 40 second play clock. That just kills a teams chance to make any kind of marginal comeback, IMO.