The NFL: bringing worth to worthlessness

Hey, it looks like it’s not just a few crazed fans that are watching college football spring games.  The NFL has been watching, too.  Watching the watchers, that is:

… Spring games, normally an intrasquad contest, have become commonplace in college football. Some top programs have capacity crowds for the game.

”It was raised by a few clubs,” Goodell said. ”More in the context of what the colleges do.”

The NFL spring games could be in the form of a scrimmage or matchup between two teams.

Leave it to the NFL to find something even more meaningless than the first fall preseason game – and then squeeze a buck from it.  At least the colleges only have at most a nominal charge for their spring games.  I can’t wait to see pro fans being charged a regular season ticket price for this.



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5 responses to “The NFL: bringing worth to worthlessness

  1. NebraskaDawg

    In addition to our 4-5 boring ass preseason games, we the NFL can now offer you and even more boring scrimmage for just $95.00 per ticket. What a great deal!


  2. Texas_Dawg

    The NFL is unwatchable, imho. I knew I was done with it for good when, about 5 years ago, I bet on a Monday night game just because I had nothing else to do that night and needed a reason to watch the game. I won the bet but found myself thinking by halftime that I would happily give the money back just to not have to watch any more of that crap (and I can’t turn off a game I’ve bet on unfortunately).

    Fortunately I haven’t made that mistake since nor have I seen one minute of an NFL game since. Sundays are for doing errands, taking naps, reading books, reading about the previous days CFB games, watching CFB replays, etc. Anything but NFL football. It’s an insult to humanity.


  3. NebraskaDawg

    Hey, TD it’s still more watchable than the NBA, although that’s not saying much.


  4. kckd

    I don’t see how they think it will sell. With that damn playoff they have, the fans have pretty much turned away. (wink)


  5. NM

    Let’s be optimistic… G-Day (and I presume other spring games) is an opportunity for more casual or less affluent fans to come watch the team they like play “football” for cheap, and/or to bring their families out to a “game” where they might not otherwise be able. In that respect, you give something back to your supporters and cultivate future fans … and at least at UGA, raise money for charity too. It’s great!

    But I admit, when I see “NFL”, I’m never optimistic and I think y’all are probably right: Another way for rich owners to hit up fans for more cash. But I can hope!