The upside to losing

This is either an exercise in clueless irrelevancy, or the most subtly sarcastic snark I’ve read in some time.  Since the author describes herself as a Georgia grad, I hope it’s the latter.

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  1. Munson's_call

    Her kids are too young to be going to college football games in my opinion. I can think of about 100 better things to do as a family outing besides taking them to a college or Pro athletic event with large crowds at that age. The 7 year old is old enough but 3 and 5? Come on! Kids that age won’t be entertained by a football game more than 20-30 minutes not to mention they will probably annoy the other fans around them who are there to watch the game.

    I have two boys 22 months and 8 months old. I can’t wait to take them to their first game in Athens but it won’t be for many years to come when they are old enough to sit through a whole game and enjoy it. I appreciate the fact she is trying to have quality time with her kids but she is way off in her choice of activities here.


  2. Joe

    Brilliant. Absolutely brilliant.


  3. Will Q

    “Because Tech’s stadium isn’t usually filled to capacity, it is very easy for families to spread out. We sat in the top deck and had plenty of room.”

    I think this says it all really.


  4. Ally

    She’s obviously in the minority because a) we tried a bunch of “family friendly” crap last year & it tanked and b) if Yech was so fantastically “family friendly” and oh-so-neat for the kiddies then why are they struggling to practically GIVE AWAY tickets?

    All joking aside, I don’t know how any UGA fan would want to expose their children to the GTG’s, “piss on Georgia” urinal cakes, and risking their lives in that ghetto mess.

    She must have lost her mind or she’s a yankee. Take your pick.


  5. Hobnail_Boot

    She sounds like the type who shows up in Athens a half-hour before kickof and wonders why she can’t park by the PJ building.

    If you want to expose your kids to football, try taking them to your local HS game first. Oh wait, you did go to the Tech game.


  6. 81Dog

    I guess she saw a lot more liquor bottles in the stands at Sanford because at Tech, they recycle them by throwing them at referees and opposing players.

    If she hasnt seen drunks and heard profanity at Tech games, she should have been sitting in the box seats on the East side the last couple times UGA played at the Joke. Of course, that’s about the only time the game is a sellout…because UGA fans show up in droves.

    She should just take her kids to high school games if she wants a family atmosphere, cheap parking, no alcohol, and a short ride home.


  7. NM

    I think the title of this post says it all. I’m not surprised Tech tickets/parking are easier and cheaper to get, that Tech goes out of its way to make families welcome, and that kids can lay down on half-empty bleachers without issue. That’s because Tech hasn’t had a really good team in years, so Tech fans just don’t care as much. They’re just glad to have people coming in any way they can — didn’t they try halftime rap concerts once? (Very family-friendly, that…)

    (Although I take issue with her “the kids can see the Tech band right up close!” comment. Don’t the Redcoats play next to the crowd at Dawg Walk?)

    I’ll take winning games and having passionate fans any day. But I guess it’s good to have a quasi-college football experience available to younger kids, as long as they’re raised to take the right side when they’re older.

    But just wait till Ga. State kicks off…


  8. kckd

    5. Two years ago when Michael took our then 3-year-old son to the Georgia game, there was a bunch of apparently drunk college girls trying to cuddle him. On the up side, we were very happy to see bike cops cracking down on open-container violators last year.

    Poor kid, I’m sure he hated every minute of it.


  9. Coastal Dawg

    Cuddle who, the kid or the husband?

    He probably took off his ring and said it was his sister’s kid.


  10. Great blog Senator and post as well. I have a video blog we’ve been running this season on UGA Football, and I gave you a mention at the 18 minute mark this episode I appreciate all you do sir, very fine writing!


  11. Those open containers are a huge problem. If it weren’t for them, those UGA Co-eds wouldn’t be able to drink and cuddle her husband. Hooray for bicycle cops. They also enforce all scooter laws as well!


  12. sUGArdaddy

    My son is 4. He’s undefeated watching the Dawgs (7-0), including tough road victories in Columbia & Tempe. He sreams at other teams’ fans before games and tells them they’re going down. He barks incesently. I’m training him to be a warrior because an SEC powerhouse needs more warriors on their side. I’m a Christian man, but SEC football is what it is, and I want me and my boy to soak it all in.

    He’ll slap on his #24 jersey on Saturday and scream at every person wearing black & gold, “You’re goin’ down!” And I’ll be a proud papa because he’s a wild man like every God-fearing Dawg ought to be.


  13. Hobnail_Boot

    God bless you, sUGArdaddy.