I hear Shreveport can be lovely that time of year.

When it comes to the postseason, the University of Tennessee football team is in danger of becoming the functional equivalent of the homeless guy you see on the side of the road with the “Will Work for Food” sign.


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2 responses to “I hear Shreveport can be lovely that time of year.

  1. Macallanlover

    Couldn’t happen to a nicer group. Their arrogance is the most irritating to me. Sure Florida fans are more obnoxious, with far less reason historically, but you can almost excuse it since so omany of them are Northerners. TN fans are the worst of the “true” Southern teams. The best part is how clueless they were that the program has been in decline for years. They always found a way to rationalize things and felt next year they would return to glory.

    I have to admit, they are finally seeing reality this season, even the hard core have seen the decay. The question is, with their recruiting base issues, have they waited too long? I think it takes them longer to get off the deck than schools that have a supply of talent surrounding them (UGA, Bama, LSU, etc.)


  2. Wolfman

    Shreveport? That’s awful generous.