Stewart Mandel’s tough choice

I bet if you posed this choice to Mandel’s 100 friends from Montana…

Georgia ranks dead last nationally — 119th — in penalties assessed. Vandy ranks 117th in total offense. Time to find out which is a bigger hindrance: Penalties, or utter inability to move the ball.

… they’d all agree he’s a moron for even bringing it up in the first place.

Either that, or else it’s an incredibly snarky way of taking a dig at the crack journalists at the AJ-C.  If that’s the case, I didn’t know Mandel had it in him to do that.


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3 responses to “Stewart Mandel’s tough choice

  1. NebraskaDawg

    How many times have you heard a CFB pundit say “If they commit 10 or more penalties in this game then they are going to have a hard time beating anybody.”


  2. Munson's_call

    Lil Stewy seems agitated by Dog fans this week. Have you read his mailbag this week? He makes several digs about whiny UGA fans. I am guessing we deserve it though. Still we must be getting to him.


  3. Macallanlover

    Unfortunately UGA has some fans that do not understand this “poll thang”. Writing blistering, crude, letters to media folks who actually vote in the polls will not help your cause any more than telling the Judge off before he pronounces your sentence in court. Like undertakers, they always have the final say. Sports Illustrated had us #1 preseason so jumping Mandel about not respecting us makes no sense. Now Fowler, Herbstreit, and that guy in Savannah who has the AP vote will prove to a bad strategy come the end of the year….and beyond. Duh!!