Oooo, it makes me wonder.

A few questions from the world of college football after yesterday’s results.

  • Do they play defense in the Big XII? Yes, I know Texas did to Missouri what Alabama did to Georgia.  And Colt McCoy is on a different level from every other college QB right now.  But the #1 and #11 teams in the country racking up almost 1,000 yards of offense?  That’s Conference USA territory, man.  (Just a reminder – Oklahoma and Texas combined for almost 900 yards the week before.)  By the way, not to be outdone, Oklahoma and Kansas, both ranked, approached 1,200 yards of offense yesterday.
  • Will the last ranked team in the ACC turn off the lights? All three ranked teams in the conference lost yesterday.  Virginia, which a month ago looked like the worst team in the nation, now sports a winning record and is technically in contention for a division title right now.  Ugh.
  • Not so cocky now, are you, dipwad? Yeah, Stephen Garcia sure had it going on in the second quarter last night.  For a redshirt freshman making his first career start, he sure got full of himself quickly, too.  Then, LSU, realizing it was playing a team with a mediocre offensive line and a non-existent running attack, fell back on the tried and true method of shutting down a team like SC (can I say that?):  go beat the hell out of the quarterback. Two fumbles and -7 yards of offense in the fourth quarter later, it was 24-17 LSU and Mr. Garcia seemed a lot humbler.  Welcome to the SEC, keed.
  • Is 2008 Washington State the worst BCS conference team ever? Check out some of the stats from its game yesterday with Southern Cal:  Washington State has allowed 66, 63, 66 and now 69 in four of its conference losses; the Trojans outgained Washington State 408-17 in the first half and 625-116 for the game; it was the first time USC had three 100-yard rushers in a game since 1977; on offense, the Cougars never crossed midfield and WSU didn’t advance past their own 38-yard line until the third quarter — when third-stringer Logwone Mitz lost a fumble at the WSU 40 at the end of a run.
  • Is Tulsa going to crack the Top 25? The Golden Hurricanes haven’t played anybody, but they’re 7-0 and games like this tend to get voters’ attention.  They’re looking like they might be this year’s Hawaii.
  • Will Ohio State jump Georgia in the polls? Big road win over #20 Michigan State, and the Buckeyes are back, babee!  Fear not, Dawg fans.  For better or worse, the poll rankings for both teams are about to sort out in the next few games.


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3 responses to “Oooo, it makes me wonder.

  1. NebraskaDawg

    Stephen Garcia = The New Casey Clausen

    Big 12 looks like the old WAC.

    Washington St. – (3) 100 yard rushers in the same game. Thats awful. Just forfeit the rest of the year.


  2. Ally

    I was with a bunch of SCUm fans last night watching that game nearly coming out of my skin seeing Garcia prance in the endzone like he was a Heisman candidate. My best friend’s husband (a SCUm grad) kept taunting me the first half with “Garcia is our Tebow” and “if UGA played us now, we’d whip your ass”, blah blah blah.

    The second half, however, was blissful. I just sat back & grinned. The lamecocks are indeed lame. And once again, all is right with the world.


  3. Joe

    The problem with your SCUm grad friend is that…Garcia DID PLAY against us…lets see…final score 14-7.