Wanker of the day

Mark Bradley, capping off a column about his disappointment in the Dawgs had this to say:

Heck, I’m starting to wonder if Georgia is the best team in Georgia.

Heck, indeed.  That’s why they pay him the big bucks, I guess.


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10 responses to “Wanker of the day

  1. Ally

    Show me what he said that isn’t true??? I agree wholeheartedly with him. Call him a “wanker” all you want, but at least he’s telling the truth about who we are. Hell even CMR, Asher, Mo Mass seemed to agree with him!

    We are nowhere near the preseason #1 ranking we received. We were overrated – no doubt about it. We most definitely aren’t great and we aren’t even pretty good. We’re a good team that can’t seem to play up to our potential or exploit our unquestionable talent.

    We should be great, but we aren’t. That’s not only sad, it’s shameful.


  2. I don’t have a problem with someone arguing that Georgia is underachieving.

    But do you honestly question whether Georgia is a better team than Georgia Tech is right now? Seriously? If you do, based on what?


  3. Bradley had nothing but love for 2006 Florida, who spent the better part of the year dicking around (there’s no excuse why they couldn’t put away that particular Georgia outfit, for example). So whatever.


  4. Ally

    I absolutely question whether Georgia could beat yech right now.

    Like it or not, yech is playing disciplined football right now. They’re 6-1 just like us. And before anyone hits me with the “acc is crap meme” what great teams have we beaten? Who have we dominated? And yes, the scoreboard counts.

    I’m by no means counting that yech game as an instant win. And I have very little confidence that we are better than them right now.


  5. baltimore dawg

    what does a dude like bradley get paid anyway? i’ve always assumed that it’s so little that the access print journalists get is the only thing that makes it worth it.


  6. Like it or not, yech is playing disciplined football right now.

    Georgia Tech- 10
    Gardner-Webb- 7



  7. rtr

    I see his point – it was assumed before the year that UGA was better than the Falcons, but he’s not so sure now.


  8. georgiagirl0917

    Do you really think that we would be anywhere near where we are if not for all the injuries?


  9. truck

    Wow, by the looks of some of the comments left for Bradley’s article, the TechMites are out in force and impersonating Dawg fans every step of the way. Calling our coordinators the worst in the country and calling Stafford stupid? If any Dawg “fan” felt that way, I’d have a few choice “comments” for them.


  10. dean

    It’s difficult to argue who’s better. Since we have not and do not play any of the same teams as Tech we’ll have to wait ’till 11/29 to see who’s better. I will say that Tech is playing better than I expected and we are playing worse than I expected. Chalk it up to whatever (injuries, youth) you want but it’s true.