BCS Computers: style points? We don’t need no stinkin’ style points.

By the way, everyone who’s been upset about Georgia’s inability to blow anyone out on the scoreboard this year should check out what the BCS computers, which don’t take margin of victory into account, did for Georgia’s BCS rankings in the first standings.

Personally, I’d settle for one point wins over every remaining opponent this year and take my chances with where the Dawgs would wind up after that.


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3 responses to “BCS Computers: style points? We don’t need no stinkin’ style points.

  1. kcits

    I think it’s hilarious how the WWL just drools all over undefeated Penn State, yet the computers rank a one loss UGA over them. (The Dawgs remaining schedule has a combined 25-8 record + a possible SEC championship game this will help push us up the polls.) They are also dying to get USC back into this thing, but the CPU’s don’t want any part of that either. At 10th in the comp polls and a ridiculously easy schedule, (a combined 20-20) they have nowhere to go but down.


  2. Dear Florida-

    You can talk (and talk. and talk. and talk.) about how really great Ole Miss actually is, you swear!, and how that loss isn’t so bad, you swear!, but, um, no. Nice try. Next time don’t give up a bazillion points to a 3-4 (1-3 SEC) team.


  3. Macallanlover

    Agree with you Senator, if UGA runs the table winning the SEC title, they will play in the BCS finale. I don’t think UGA can/will do that, but concur those worrying about polls, voters, and talking heads should worry more about how UGA gets through this stretch of games with all the talent missing. I think the odds of UGA getting to 12-1 are about 5% or 20-1. Love the Dawgs but we are very thin at key positions, and a couple of those match-ups do not favor UGA.