In saying very little, he says a lot.

With all this talk about which conference between the Big XII and the SEC is better, and, more to the point, what the relative offensive and defensive strengths of each conference are, Dennis Dodd asks someone who’s in a unique position to assess that – Texas defensive coordinator Will Muschamp, who last year held the same position at Auburn.

Specifically, Dodd asks Muschamp how his current defense would fare against Alabama.  And Muschamp elects to dodge the question.

“That’s to debate for everybody. I don’t worry about that,” said Muschamp who came to Texas after becoming a  defensive mastermind at LSU and Auburn. “I’m not looking to defend anything. I think it’s too quality of a league.  There’s a different offensive flair in this league. There’s a different quarterback in this league.”

Not much of a response, so Dodd tries again, with the same results.

… Does that make the Big 12 better than the SEC?

“These spread offenses afford for you to score more points,” Muschamp said. “John Wooden said it a long time ago,  ‘Offensively you can have an off night. Defensively, you can never have an off night.’ ”

Sixty-six points in two Big 12 games is relative — impressive but we’re still wondering how Muschamp’s D would do against the best in the SEC.

“We don’t play them,” Muschamp said. “We play Oklahoma State next. That’s all I know.”

Methinks he doth protest too little.


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6 responses to “In saying very little, he says a lot.

  1. Sam

    Some inside info from a family member, Will has always wanted to coach in the SEC. Take that to mean an offer from Clemson versus one from UT would put him in Knoxville unless there is alarge disparity in the offer.

    Will’s wife LOVES Austin anf their lifestyle there. If there were a chance for a Texas offer within the next 1-2 years (assuming Mac Brown is close to stepping down) that might be very tempting if they make a “Jimbo” type announcement making him HC In Waiting and flood them with cash. I feel Texas’s recruiting position and current status would overcome the TN offer with all their problems. In other words, why rebuild when you are in a lofty status already. I am not sure Will is what Texas will want, may be a little too emotional to be the head guy for their big boosters’ palates.

    There is a bad taste in Will’s mouth from Auburn so I doubt that he ebds up there. It is close to home, in the SEC, but there are reasons why he took a lateral move to Austin last year. If Tubbs were to leave, I wouldn’t bet on him ending up there given the other options. All of this is my take on the comments I have heard.


  2. Muschamp sounds like he’s running for president. Talking a lot without actually saying anything.


  3. 81Dog

    you have to figure he’s avoiding the question because he doesnt want to say “SEC defenses are better.”

    If Big 12 Ds were just as good, why would he avoid saying that? If Big 12 Ds were better, why would he avoid saying that?

    the only reason for not saying anything is that he doesnt want to lie (this alone may disqualify him for a job at AU or Tennessee). The offenses in the Big 12 DO seem very impressive, though. They might not put up 50+ every week against SEC defenses, were they to play SEC teams, but they still look very capable to me. Heck, even Noted Offensive Genius Urban Meyer, with the Greatest Offensive Talent of Our Generation, sometimes fails to score 50…..or even to win.


  4. Jim

    I live near Austin so I am over exposed to the Longhorns. This may be a weaker conference but I do not think our pass prevent defense could slow them down enough for us to win. When asked if Texas had a better academic program than Georgia, Muschamp told the Longhorn Club that he didn’t understand the courses the kids were taking as they were harder than the ones he took at Georgia. He said that about the time he learned to put the tractor in reverse, Georgia give him his diploma. He also asked the crowd not to mention this to their Georgia friends, which obviously they did not do.


  5. ActuaryDawg

    Sorry to hijack, but any Tennessee resident dawg fans need to check this out. Here’s a chance to get a personalized UGA license plate. We need at least 1,000 pre-orders to make it happen. That number should be easy to reach as long as the word gets out.


  6. Carolina R&B

    Thanks, I have been waiting around for ages until they would finally breaks these out. We’re everywhere in NC.