Mumme Poll, Week 8

For the second straight week, the Texas Longhorns are on top of the Mumme Poll.  Here are the results of the voting (top 5 votes in parenthesis):


1.    Texas (54)

2.    Penn State (53)

3.    Alabama (50)

4.    Oklahoma (39)

5.    Southern Cal (25)

6.    Florida (23)

7.    Georgia (2)

T8.   Ohio State

T8.   Oklahoma State

10.   Texas Tech

11.   LSU

12.   Utah

13.   Boise State

14.   Missouri

15.   TCU

T16. Georgia Tech

T16. Tulsa

18.   South Florida

T19. Kansas

T19. Pittsburgh



  • I assumed that as the season went on and teams began to lose games our votes would diffuse over more teams, such that we’d see more and more teams appearing in the poll results.  To date, that hasn’t been the case.  This week only twenty teams received votes.  More significantly, the voting has grown more concentrated.  There is a very clear consensus on the top twelve teams in the poll this week.  It will be interesting to see if this changes as the season wears on.
  • Again, almost everyone was able to construct a ballot in less than 45 minutes.
  • Other teams receiving top five votes this week:  Ohio State, Oklahoma State (both more than Georgia), Texas Tech and Boise State.
  • Georgia Tech, pride of the ACC.
  • Lots of you struggled with Florida vs. USC as your final pick for the top five.  And, as you can see, it broke down almost evenly.
  • Texas Tech continues to make most voters hold their noses.  I suspect it will be a cause for mass celebration here when the Red Raiders lose.
  • People aren’t impressed with Penn State’s schedule, but there’s a certain amount of respect growing for Ohio State, so I anticipate that that Big Ten showdown will have a major impact on the upcoming vote.
  • Blogs mentioning the Mumme Poll:  A Bulldog in Exile; Picture Me Rollin; Runaround Sue’s; Thinking Bulldog; Hunker Down Dawg; The Connecticut Yankee.
  • We lost a couple of more voters this week, but I was pleased with the number of comments I received from those who did vote about how much they enjoyed this.  So far, I’m having a blast with it.  I’m glad you are, too.


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5 responses to “Mumme Poll, Week 8

  1. dean

    This is completely unrelated to the poll but I think I found a great “Quote of the day” for ya:
    “I just felt so proud because I was giving back to Georgia after the school has given me so much,” the sophomore said. “Georgia has done so much for me that being able to do something for Bulldog Nation is a great feeling.”

    That was from Vance Cuff on getting to play against Vandy. I thought it was great.


  2. thinkingbulldog

    Much to my surprise, my ballot matched the top 5 and the next 7 exactly, i.e., a deviation of zero. Any idea how many of the total ballots did this? I’d think more than a few.

    I’m not surprised at all that the total number of teams has declined and would guess that this will continue through November.


  3. Macallanlover

    Limiting to 12 is, of course, the reason for so few teams. Expanding to say 15, would increase the number of teams by nearly double, imo. I also think this year, more than others, there is a wide gulch between the elite teams and the “all others” category and there has been little change to that as the season has gone along.

    The next few weeks will definitely complicate the process, but so far there are only 15-16 teams that even deserve consideration and that number hasn’t changed for me since early September (a few teams have come and gone, but the number of “top” teams hasn’t expanded much.) It would be interesting to see how much fluctuation there has been in the AP or Coaches poll versus prior years.


  4. Munson's_call

    I too have wondered if it needed to be expanded to 15 teams rather than 12. We are getting a “Top 20” though with only 12 and isn’t that what the rankings used to be? They only expanded to a “Top 25” in the last 15-20 years, right?

    If we did expand the vote to 15 from 12 you could have three groupings to help further differentiate between the teams. A “Top 5”, “2nd 5” and “3rd 5.” just a thought. Maybe no other indication other the the “Top 5” versus the next best 10 would be needed.


  5. Limiting to 12 is, of course, the reason for so few teams.

    Another possibility is that the voting pool as it’s comprised now is severely skewed in favor of folks living in the South. A more broad-based geographic spread might affect the number of schools that receive votes.

    Of course, enlarging the pool of voters beyond the 54 currently involved might enlarge the number of schools receiving votes as well.