This, that and the other on a Tuesday morning

Random bits of stuff from around the internets that got stuck on my browser:

  • I’m having a hard time deciding which of these two stories is weirder:  Tommy Tuberville’s stroke denial, or Rich Rodriguez receiving the dreaded vote of confidence after coaching a mere six games at Michigan.
  • By now, I assume everyone has seen the YouTube clip of the ref in the LSU-South Carolina game who helped bring down Stephen Garcia.  As you might guess, there are a lot of SC (can I say that?) fans who are up in arms about the official.  The SEC and Steve Spurrier’s verdict?  No big deal. (Les Miles thinks the guy should work on his tackling technique, though.)
  • Don’t get your hopes up about Kentucky being able to hang with Florida this week.  The ‘Cats are losing players left and right to injuries.
  • Marty at takes a look at three-and-outs, with some surprising conclusions.
  • LD asks a good question.
  • Corvey Irvin tells David Hale there’s one key to the LSU game.
  • And CFN’s Pete Fiutak says again what’s so apparent about Georgia’s schedule:  “… at LSU, the neutral site date against Florida, a trip to an improved Kentucky, a date at Auburn, Georgia Tech, and then, possibly, the SEC title game in a rematch against Alabama. If Georgia gets through its finishing kick unscathed, how do you keep it out of the national title game no matter what the rest of the world does? That includes a one-loss USC, and maybe, an unbeaten Penn State.”


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3 responses to “This, that and the other on a Tuesday morning

  1. Christian

    My only hope for UK/UF is that it is physical enough to wear down the Gators to a level somewhat similar to what we’ll be going through in Baton Rouge. Hope is the key word here.

    Go Dawgs!!


  2. “Improved Kentucky”?



  3. peacedog

    The Three-and-outs stuff is fascinating. I’d love to see where UGA ranks in terms of offensive and defensively forced 3 and outs.

    Given plays being down, it seems like 3 and outs are more dangerous.